Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 340 — The Magic of Representation

| Mar 5, 2021
Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 340 — The Magic of Representation
On this week’s Pixels & Ink Podcast: Jordan and Chris sit down with special guest Reyna Cervantes as they discuss the rumours of a new, upgraded Nintendo Switch; and dive deep into the announcments of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Legends Arceus. Jordan has many thoughts on the original Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and even more about Legends Arceus.

Afterwards, the gang takes a deep dive into the debacle that is WB’s upcoming open-world game: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. The game is set to include Transgender character options, which is conflicting given J K Rowling’s open stance against Trans Rights, and the game’s lead designer being openly anti-feminest and pro-Gamergate. As a Trans woman, Reyna offers her unique insight into this issue.

About the Casters:
Jordan Biordi: Managing Editor, and part-time Ninja; when he’s not busy combating the forces of evil, he’s writing articles and makeing videos on the hilariously mediocre Youtube channel: Ninja-Jordan Reviews.
Chris De Hoog: A writer and podcaster from Ontario, Chris discovered roleplaying games with Final Fantasy on the NES and has been overthinking them ever since.
•Reyna Cervantes:  a freelance writer who has written for Syfy’s Fangrrls ,Bloody Disgusting and Screen Queens. She is also the host of the podcast Horror in Session, where she and a horror newbie deep dive the genre with guests!

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