Spire 05: Twelve Coins

| Mar 31, 2020
Spire 05: Twelve Coins

Derelictus is in chaos. After the brazen escape of twelve gnolls from the Arena the entire undercity has descended into violence as a bounty has been offered for the escaped prisoners return. At the eye of the storm is Liminal and Lysanna who know that they and they alone can bring order back to Derelictus so that they can continue their work for The Ministry. 

As roaming bands of bounty hunters kick down doors and ransack buildings the Masked has a plan but it will be the Sage who has to make a terrible choice… 

The Spire is published by Rowan, Rook, and Decard and was written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor.

Lysanna is played by Cassie Chui
Liminal is played by Joan Morirarity
The GM is Justin Ecock

Music provided by Epidemic Sound

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