Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight: For Crits & Giggles

| Dec 8, 2020
Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight: For Crits & Giggles

Welcome Weary Travelers!

Today in a Terrible Warriors: Spotlight, Justin connects with Kieran Bennett to talk about this own actual play podcast, “For Crits and Giggles”

Best Friends Playing Games

Kieran Bennett started Crits & Giggles five years ago with his real world best friends and gaming group. Together they decided to not only play a game of D&D that Kieran would write up for them but that they would also record those games and transform it into a podcast. Inspired by such shows as Geekly Inc.’s Greeting’s Adventurers (formerly Drunk’s & Dragons) they set out to explore the world that Kieran had created and uncover the mystery that surrounded it.

You can follow Kieran on twitter @mrk_bennett

You can follow For Crits & Giggles @forcngpodcast or by visiting forcritsandgiggles.com

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