Terrible Warriors: Symbaroum, Part 9

More than just a recap episode

Symbaroum 09: The Road So Far...

The Beast Clan has retreated into the forest, the town puts up barriers and believes it is safe. But we know better…

Before our trio begins their investigation into the mystery surrounding the woman at the Fern Tavern, they look back on where they’ve been and how they got here.

More than a Recap

The Terrible Warriors exists to help empower you to feel confident enough to play and run the games we enjoy here. Which is why this is much more than a recap episode, it is as much a part of our “actual play” as the rest of the story we have presented.

Every GM needs to have a session, especially after a major battle or a story arc that has concluded, to take stock and let their players recount the events in their own words.

A recap session like this helps equip the GM with specific information about what their players are interested in and what, up to this point, has stuck with them the most. And it equips the players with a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration as they remember why they are invested in seeing this story through.

Win a Copy of Symbaroum

Free League has offered up a free digital copy of the Symbaroum core rulebook for a lucky listener. We’ll be giving away a copy in September, October, and November during the run of our campaign.

To enter, click out the gleam sweepstake screen on this page or visit https://gleam.io/HeilT/terrible-warrior-november-symbaroum-give-away

Patreon Supporters Can Listen Early

Patreon supporters who are donating more than $5 each month can listen to the first story episode now, and will have early access every week for the duration of this campaign! Find out more by visiting patreon.com/terriblewarriors

Our players are Mitch Wallace, Sean Horbatiuk, and Ainslie Moors.

Justin Ecock is the GM and audio editor.

Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

Symbaroum is created by Free League

And you must check out Mitch Wallace’s creation, Necrobiotic, by visiting pennyforatale.com/necrobiotic

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