Terrible Warriors – Meet the Makers: Pete and Mitch (Chew: The RPG)

| October 7, 2021
Auto Draft 33

Justin connects with Pete and Mitch from Imagining Games to talk all about their latest creation, the Chew role playing game!

Chew is an award winning comic book written by John Laymen and drawn by Rob Guillory. It’s absurd, it’s dramatic, it’s grim. As Pete puts it, it’s like The Wire meets The Boys at the bottom of a bucket of chicken.

As fans of the comics Pete and Mitch now have the opportunity to bring this game to your gaming table. They share all about what this world is, if you’re unfamiliar, as well as why they chose to make their game a “Forged in the Dark” game, and what to expect should you invite your friends over for dinner and find yourself running a game of Chew.

Check out their kickstarter page right now to learn more by visiting kickstarter.com/projects/peteyp/chew-the-roleplaying-game

You can follow Imagining Games on Facebook at facebook.com/imagininggames

And keep up with Pete & Mitch directly by following Pete on Twitter @IG_Pete and Mitch @mitchsbustillos

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