Jonah Hex #69 Review

Jonah Hex #69 Review 3
Jonah Hex #69 Review
Jonah Hex #69
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The past comes back to haunt us all at some point in our lives. Weather we did the best we could or the worst, someone more than likely got hurt and they will come seeking retribution or to celebrate your passing. Even a lifetime spent making good on sins may have a Jonah Hex hiding in it. This is the case for a reclusive desert miner that has just struck it big. If the claim-jumpers do not kill him then someone closer may. The old miner is Jonah’s father and it is ’bout time for Jonah to set up and watch him die.

We get a good back story on the relationship of Jonah and his father. The dysfunctional family origin from the distorted view of a desperate drunkard. Hex sits quietly, watching and waiting, saying very little while his father succumbs to his wounds. There is no genuine repentance from the old man, only wasted breath and solidified grudges. The only sufficient vindication for Hex comes with the chill. In the end Jonah accepts his father’s failings and gives him a proper burial, and a drink of whisky.

Most people are a product of their family environment. How closely Jonah reflects his father may not be what he wishes to face, but the similarities are there for us to see. We cannot help but wonder, and I am sure Hex does too, if his life and death will be so mundane. Will there be someone there to watch and bury him?


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