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Superman #710
| April 22, 2011

I will initiate this comic evaluation with an passionate panegyrist. I relish the cover of this issue. The intimate and nostalgic portraits of Superman and Batman leave a persistent impression when fronted by the miserable time-defying antagonist, the savage, villainous Vandal. The artwork of the interior pages leads off with contemporary variegated design representation, but transitions to a more historically authentic line-art as we reminisce with Clark and Bruce. It ferries us back in time, to their introductory meeting, and is deftly conducted.

The primary intersection of Clark and Bruce was during a campaign against some of the Red Army, under the deceitful charge of Vandal Savage. They both vowed secrecy of their potential and identities, and repelled the offensive.

Years afterward, Bruce inveigles Superman to meet once more, by luring his attention via an ultraviolet signal in the sky over Utah. The journey begins and ends here. We learn of the difference in opinion each character shares with justice and retribution. Batman gives his peroration and deeper analysis of Clark Kent; with so much death in Clark’s life, Bruce is capable of empathizing with him on a level not many others can. We understand, the “Grounded” arc is approaching cessation and Superman may be forever changed by this erudite peregrination.


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