New Humanz #1 Comic Review

New Humanz #1 Comic Review 1
| May 16, 2017

The best parts of science fiction, the science fiction that truly resonates with viewers, are the stories that connect to our humanity. While characters might be set in the future or the past, they are struggling with the same human issues we are today. And this is what TITAN1STUDIOS New Humanz #1 does very well.

New Humanz #1 (Comic) Review 2

New Humanz #1 begins in modern times. A young couple with their daughter are enjoying time lakeside in the Pacific Northwest. While daughter and mother (Sadie and Riley) are swimming in the lake, the water turns dark. A typhoon-like funnel grows out of the water. A fiery bolt comes from the funnel and destroys their camp site and kills Sadie’s father. Mother and daughter are eventually sucked up the water funnel. The next panel begins in the year 2226. It is the city of Turigus and the world has changed much in 200 years. Technology reigns supreme – not only from the flying transports and vehicles out apartment windows but also robotic surgery, which many parts of Sadie’s body is made from.
New Humanz #1 is a well-crafted initial issue of a four part mini-series. It has most of what you could ask for from a first issue. There is heavy, traumatic action which catapults our heroes into an unknown world and future. Yet, the action doesn’t stop there. It explodes once more in the last two-thirds of the comic, giving readers not only a page turner but also a solid cliff-hanger ending. As well, writer Taran Chadha does a great job bringing in an air of mystery into this new future and the bizarre entities that live there. Riley works for a global crime syndicate known as the Council, one that connects her with some strange and interesting beings.

The artwork in New Humanz #1 is another standout. Illustrator, Ruben Rojas, creates a great deal of emotion with his artistry. He also conjures some high-octane action sequences, ones that put the reader on the edge of his or her seat and doesn’t relinquish that hold until the final panel.

While there are many sci-fi stories about technology and the future, New Humanz #1 is a crisp tale. This is largely due to both the science of the story (robotic body parts) and the emotional core between Sadie and Riley. The robotic limbs in New Humanz seems like an everyday occurrence in the future, far beyond what it is today. So there is an air of mystery and intrigue within that story-line. And the story of a mother trying to create a life for her daughter in a strange and scary future is captivating, especially how it’s crafted in New Humanz #1.

New Humanz #1 is definitely worth a read. The story-line combined with quality artwork makes it an issue not to be missed. Here’s hoping the rest of the series continues where this first issue left off.

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