Deadlight (Xbox 360) Review
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Deadlight (Xbox 360) Review

| August 9, 2012
Developer: ["4239"]
Played On: Xbox 360
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Deadlight is a side-scroller that sandwiches the shambling undead between an ambitious campaign and dark narrative, topping things off with a delectable glaze of melodrama. It conjures earlier adventures like Shadow Complex and Limbo, but never fully commits to either style. It’s an enjoyable enough trip through the textbook trappings of zombie apocalyptica, but when the journey comes to an end we surmise you’ll be left wanting a little more.

Platforming is easily Deadlight’s biggest strength, and it does this with the greatest of ease. Where normally I would be annoyed with the constant acrobatics, running leaps, and wall jumping, it felt so natural here that I found myself looking forward to these things the most. There was a simple thrill in going into an abandoned garage, trapping some undead baddies beneath a car, and zipping up a ladder to start again, all the while avoiding the zombies like the plague. It kept me coming back for more, even when disgusted with the otherwise annoying aiming mechanics and samey feel to the story.

That’s what Deadlight is — a familiar and comfortable platformer that attempts a new spin on the same story we’ve heard before, only with a different aesthetic. It’s certainly far from perfect, but it’s a perfectly serviceable and intriguing adventure that you might truly enjoy if you’re into the games mentioned previously or you’ve been bitten by the zombie bug. For future outings, perhaps Tequila Studios’ first order of business may be to forage for some updated narrative concepts — with the right ammunition, their next project could be killer.

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