Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) Review

Intriguing Horror Experience

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) Review
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) Review 1

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Horror in video games is difficult to achieve. Oftentimes, playing such games feels exhilarating, like watching an action movie that excites more often than it scares. Silent Hill has always been a series that follows the horror movie mentality, creating worlds that never allow the player to feel comfortable or even have the ability to fight and maintain an atmosphere of powerlessness over the Silent Hill that surrounds them.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a distinctive entry in the Silent Hill series, introducing a novel approach to gameplay. In contrast to earlier games in the franchise, players are stripped of their ability to engage in combat, leaving them to navigate a mysterious and uneasy world defenceless. This evokes a sense of vulnerability and helplessness that amplifies the haunting psychological elements that have become synonymous with the Silent Hill series.

Designed to instill anxiety and uncertainty, players must rely on their wit and resourcefulness to survive in this unsettling environment. This innovative gameplay approach has attracted attention from both critics and players, as it breathes new life into the long-standing franchise. Boasting an immersive atmosphere, captivating storyline, and stimulating mechanics, Shattered Memories is a must-have addition to any horror game enthusiast’s collection.

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One of the biggest additions Silent Hill: Shattered Memories brings to the series is physiological profiling. The game constantly monitors the player’s actions and how they react to events and stimuli within the game world. Focusing more on a section of objectives or obstacles can actually change the routes available to the player. Tying into the meta-narrative that goes beyond the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories storyline, the game can feel strange and uncomfortable at times. It can give the illusion that it knows what the player is thinking and feeling before they do.

“Visually, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories does a great job of utilizing the power of the system.”

In this installment, the player takes control of Harry Mason, the protagonist of Silent Hill 1. After surviving a car accident, Harry loses his daughter Cheryl. Now alone and vulnerable, his quest leads him through the maze of ice-covered streets in the town of Silent Hill. A pop-out section of the narrative features a first-person therapy session. It is here that many of the game’s unique tricks are revealed, challenging the player to answer truthfully. Some of the mini-games here can be more disturbing than the events in the actual story.

Visually, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories does a great job of utilizing the power of the system. On the Wii, the game looks stunning, with all aspects of the world feeling real. Upon closer inspection, the backgrounds are textured and rich. Signs are legible; landscapes are covered with convincing litter and the beauty of the scenery in its ever-present cover of snow and ice.

The phone is also usable in many ways, with a GPS and built-in camera filling out the package, allowing for a usable device to navigate the world. The unique thing here is that the phone comes into play for many of the game’s puzzles; it can be used to call numbers seen around the world and features unique responses for each one. Silent Hill feels like a real place that has been isolated from the rest of civilization by some dark force.

Silent Hill is not a tourist destination, but it is a place that always draws its share of repeat players Silent Hill: Shattered Memories deserves a closer look. If you are in the mood for a horror game and happen to own a Wii, then this is a title to look out for.

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Brendan Frye

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