Skylanders Giants (PS3) Review

Skylanders Giants (PS3) Review
| Dec 18, 2012

Skylanders returns to the skies with some new friends, the Giants. Skylanders Giants, while geared towards a younger crowd, can be a simple pleasure for mature gamers. If you have kids or younger siblings, Skylanders is a great game to sit down and play with them. The controls are easy, the puzzles are simple and the gameplay is straightforward, but its writing throws a bone to adults every now and again with a witty remark. Visually, Skylanders feels like World of Warcraft’s little brother; bright, colourful and well crafted, much like the figures that accompany the game. Skylanders has a generic yet comprehensive leveling system, allowing your skill set to grow. With a wide variety of Skylanders figures, players will want to collect more and more figures, but be prepared to spend more money on picking up extra figures. I wanted to run out and grab as many characters as I could, just to try out all the different elements and abilities and this is encouraged by Skylanders marketing moments. If a player finds a skill that doesn’t belong to a figure they have, they have a chance to view a video of that character and their abilities. With the a sense of humour, the right set of figures and game difficulty set to Heavy Hitter, Skylanders could fit into a mature gamer’s library. Just don’t spend too much on figures.

Final Thoughts

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Skylanders Giants (PS3) Review 2
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