ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 Review

acefast crystal 2 earbuds t8 review 23041404 1
acefast crystal 2 earbuds t8 review 23041404
ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones or earbuds nowadays, and when I was introduced to the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8, I was thrilled to throw back to the early 2000s when clear tech was the coolest thing to have. The iMac G3 and Crystal Xbox were all the rage during my preteen years, so a glowing, clear pair of earbuds was right up my alley. Unfortunately, the plastic casing on the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 was about all that was clear with this device.

I will start off by mentioning that this is a $69.99 pair of earbuds (they say $99 on their site, but they’re constantly “on-sale”), so I didn’t expect premium quality here. I have covered the Master & Dynamic MW08, HUAWEI Freebuds Lipstick, HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2, and I even have experience with the newer Xiaomi Buds Pro 4. I have heard what high-end earbuds can sound like, but this isn’t it. 

The ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 leave a lot to be desired when it comes to sound quality. They lack depth, especially base, leaving you with a shallow sound. This isn’t a deal breaker, though. If you aren’t concerned with hearing every level of instrument or vocals through your earbuds, you might be alright with this. For the most part, they did what I needed them to do, but the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 are definitely not meant for audiophiles, though my guess is they wouldn’t be looking for earbuds at this price point anyway.

The ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 would suit the pre-teen to the young adult market, perhaps even adults on a budget or anyone looking to capture a glimpse of their childhood through their device. The sound is the biggest downfall to these buds, but they are winners in several other ways, so it really all depends on the buyer’s priority.

“The Bluetooth connectivity on the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds is also incredible.”

Obviously, the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 just look cool. They come in six colours, alfalfa purple, lotus pink, ice blue (mine), mint green, bright black (the coolest) and white moon. So you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to style. The earbuds have a glow when you interact with them, with a glowing display that tells you the overall battery life and the power left in each individual bud. The way the earbuds snap into the side of the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 is extremely satisfying and just adds to its unique style and overall cool factor.

Acefast Crystal 2 Earbuds T8 Review 23041404 3

I’m talking about the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 like a teen because they make me feel like one. I can remember bubble furniture and my Crystal Xbox like it was yesterday. Luckily, that is where the nostalgia ends because outside of sound, the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 are back with modern features that really work. 

“The ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 come in impressive packaging and plenty of add-ons.”

Compared to some incredibly expensive models, the battery life here is great. You get up to seven hours with the buds, which I never once hit, and the case is good for another 30 hours or so. I was pressed to find a need to charge these. The Bluetooth connectivity on the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds is also incredible. I left my phone in our lounge and managed to walk across the entire office, with walls between us and all, and make it partway into the adjoining building before the earbuds started to crackle. Most other earbuds only make it about half that distance.

The ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 come in impressive packaging and plenty of add-ons. In the box, you’ll find three additional sets of tips in a hard plastic case, a USB-C charging cable, a silicone protective case and instructions. It’s strange to see the eartips in such elaborate casing, with ACEFAST and the sizes built into the plastic. Normally these come in a flimsy cardboard box which I most definitely lose. A nice touch, especially at the low price point the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 come in at.

Acefast Crystal 2 Earbuds T8 Review 23041404 2

The touch controls on the buds aren’t amazing, either. I often found myself fed up with their unresponsiveness and just used my smartphone to control them. The good news, though, is that the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 pair to your device easily. I simply needed to make sure they were awake, which is clear because they light up, and then searched on my phone and hit pair. With plenty of other Bluetooth devices, my smartphone or PC have often struggled to find them, so this was a breath of fresh air for me.

So do I recommend the ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8? Yes, but only for those that are looking for easy-to-use, affordable, cool-looking earbuds that don’t require the most from their sound. In hindsight, that doesn’t sound like a stellar recommendation, but many of us out there aren’t audio files and just want earbuds that work. The ACEFAST Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 work, and they look flashy while doing it.

Final Thoughts

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