Amazon Echo Studio (2022) Review

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As someone who enjoyed the first iteration of the Amazon Echo Studio back in 2019, I must say that the updates for the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 are very impressive. Not only did they keep to the original visual concept, but they also added some great new features that allow it to compete with top-tier brands like Sonos and Bose. The Echo Studio 2022 is still the biggest and most immersive smart speaker from Amazon, and it provides an incredible audio streaming experience from multiple sources, all for a very reasonable price. A greatly improved product, Amazon Echo Studio 2022 is a fantastic offering, especially for its $200 price of entry.

As an Amazon Echo user, I can personally attest to the fact that few other speakers come close to the audio quality of the Amazon Echo Studio (2022) or its 2019 predecessor. While Amazon has a wide range of smart speakers in its portfolio, including the affordable and cheerful Echo Dot and the people-pleasing Amazon Echo, nothing beats the audio quality of these two models. They truly stand in a league of their own, especially when looking at the rest of the Echo range.

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As a music and podcast lover, I’m excited about the features of the Amazon Echo Studio 2022. It’s packed with new technology like spatial audio processing and frequency range extension that promises to take my listening experience to the next level. Plus, it now comes in Glacier White, making it easy to find one that fits any home decor or style.

The top of the Amazon Echo Studio 2022, like all Echo devices, features four buttons: a volume control, a mute button for the microphone and an action button. When a microphone is turned off, it triggers a red-light ring, which shows the level of volume around the ring in white, and when the mic is turned on, it turns orange, and when Alexa is listening out for you, it turns blue. It is enough feedback to ensure you are never questioning what the speaker is doing while subtle enough that it never feels in the way.

“I loved the first Amazon Echo Studio, it had a bold look, much more imposing than other speakers in the range.”

I loved the first Amazon Echo Studio, it had a bold look, much more imposing than other speakers in the range. But, granted, that is not the look you want for every home, and the new lighter look is an improvement for people looking to have the speaker be a part of their home and not an imposing force of bass and treble sitting at the side of their room. Now coming in both Glacial White and Charcoal, there are options for people to pick the look that fits their home and style while keeping its signature look that sets it apart from other speakers.

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I can’t help but be amazed at the capabilities of Amazon Echo products, all driven by the advanced voice assistant Alexa. With just my voice, I can ask questions and get answers, play music, control my smart home, and even keep track of my schedule with ease. Everything is done hands-free, so I don’t have to lift a finger! While it was the initial selling point of these devices, as they evolved, the quality and features of their smart speakers, like audio and integration with the rest of my house, took precedence over the voice assistant aspect.

So, with this being an Alexa-based speaker, there are no complicated instructions to get your new Amazon Echo Studio set up. You will just need to plug it in and open the Alexa smartphone application, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. If there are any issues connecting, Amazon has plenty of troubleshooting tips to ensure you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. All that’s left to do is to just use the wake word ‘Alexa’ to get started.

As I turn on the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 for the first time, I can’t help but marvel at the level of detail that has gone into its design. With its custom-built spatial audio processing technology and frequency range extension, this speaker is ready to deliver an unparalleled sound experience. It is powered by a one-inch tweeter, three two-inch mid-range speakers and a five-inch woofer, giving it 330 watts of power. Not only does it support both Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio, but its sound quality really shines through: it’s absolutely phenomenal for all types of media.

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As I sit in my living room, I marvel at the Amazon Echo Studio 2022. Its sound design emanates from every direction, giving me the same auditory experience regardless of where I’m positioned. It’s almost like having a personal sound engineer in the room! Plus, it has an amazing feature that analyzes the acoustics in its environment and adjusts the audio accordingly—no fuss required, making it much more in line with what you can find from the likes of Sonos.

“I love the way the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 sounds, but beyond that, it really packs an audio punch.”

I love the way the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 sounds, but beyond that, it really packs an audio punch. With a sound loud enough to fill a medium-sized living room at half volume, this speaker will have you dancing the night away if you ever need to throw an emergency party or just want to blast your favourite song. Immersive and room-filling, this is the perfect companion for those days when you need an extra boost.

This device is built not only to deliver music but also to do it with flair and style. Even when playing at louder volumes, the sound quality was still clear and accurate, with thumping bass that brought out the distinct treble in a way that felt closer than ever to hearing the audio as intended by the artist. Occasionally, certain tracks did lose some of their mids, but this device shined brightest when I played electronica or dance music—its bass line really made an impact.

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As a lover of Sonos speakers, I did find the Amazon Echo Studio to deliver a bit less of a clear and refined sound, with classical or jazz sounding far better on my Sonos Play:5. Even with this fact, the quality and clarity are improved from the 2019 model, with it hitting well above its weight class. Considering it is almost half the price of the Sonos Play:5, and sounds almost as good depending on your musical taste, it can’t be denied just how much value Amazon has packed into this speaker.

Sonos shines due to their acoustic tuning, and this is one area I feel Amazon needs to improve. As mentioned, I think they are getting incredibly close to delivering on the promise of the Studio, and it is noticeably better than past iterations or the rest of the Echo speaker range, but there is a notable tuning issue with the mids that can’t be ignored, especially when it is a striking distance of being a must own product for people that demand the best for their audio. Even with this, for the average speaker buyer, the Amazon Echo Studio is a tremendous offering, one that gets even better if you are already invested in the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon has made the improvements that were needed and refined the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 in the ways that matter the most, audio quality. There is no doubt that the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 is a great choice for those who already have Alexa devices in their homes and want something that is worthy of your favourite album or artist. This is a speaker made to deliver audio, and it does that incredibly well, and as a bonus, it has Alexa standing at the ready just in case you need anything.

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