E-Win RGB Gaming Desk Review

E-Win RGB Gaming Desk Review
E-Win Flash XL Gaming Chair Review
E-Win RGB Gaming Desk
Company: E-WIN
Type: RGB Gaming Desk
MSRP: $529

The keystone to any solid gaming or streaming setup is a good desk. Nowadays, your desk can be so much more than a slab of wood on some legs. They can be an extension of your style and personality, and they can provide new levels of functionality that make it just as much of a tool as it is a piece of furniture.

E-Win offers up a number of desks and gaming chairs, and they were kind enough to send me an RGB Gaming Desk for review. When I receive any piece of furniture in a box, I get anxious. How difficult is this going to be to put together? How many pieces am I going to have to keep track of? The good news is that there weren’t a lot of pieces. Just the tabletop, two legs and a backing piece with a headphone hanger and drink holder that screws in under the desk.

The build quality of the E-Win RGB Gaming Desk is really nice. The carbon fibre appearance on the surface is pleasing, but also functional as its surface provides angles of reflection that are ideal for picking up mouse lighting, making it perfectly plausible to game without the use of a mousepad.

E-Win Rgb Gaming Desk Review 1

It also comes with a pre-cut hole with a grommet for cable management and the desk also features a wireless charger for your cell phone, which is a really nice feature. I would have preferred it to be in a better position, though. My monitors are in front of its location, making it incredibly hard to get to charge my phone.

The RGB Gaming Desk is spacious at nearly four feet wide and two feet deep. I easily have all of my equipment on the desk, including my extra-large mousepad with my keyboard and mouse, two mounted monitors, two mounted lights, a mounted camera, two mounted mics and an array of stream controllers including my Stream Deck XL, Loupedeck Live, BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create and, to be frank, there is plenty of space still.

“The build quality of the E-Win RGB Gaming Desk is really nice.”

All the wiring for the RGB is pre-done. You just need to make a couple of simple attachments to connect the RGB in the legs to the Desktop. It is powered by USB and there is a 3.5 mm jack at the bottom of the desk that initially confused me but is in fact the heart of the lighting effects on the desk.

E-Win Rgb Gaming Desk Review

What happens with the E-Win RGB Gaming Desk is that the RGB reacts to the sound that is fed into the desk via this jack, bringing your desk to life with reactive lighting (don’t worry, it has a splitter, so you can still plug in speakers or headphones). The RGB effects wrap around the sides of the tabletop and down the sides of the table legs. It lights up in a standard colour spectrum that can’t be customized.

While the RGB gives the desk a great aesthetic, the ability to customize that much lighting would be very much appreciated. Since the effects are on the RGB Gaming Desk, where nobody else can see them, they are really for you, so the bottom line is that you should be able to make it look the way you want.

Something else that is missing from the RGB? Controls! While all the other E-Win desks have a little control panel towards the front of the desk, this one relies solely on the reactive lighting that can’t be turned off (short of unplugging the desk).

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