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All the Features Content Creators Could Ask For

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GeoSmartPro AirLit Ring Light

If you’re diving into streaming or any kind of content creation—or, in my case, virtual meetings under fluorescent lights—you absolutely need a good ring light. I thought most were pretty standard, until I saw what the GeoSmartPro AirLit Ring Light could do. But the real question is, do we need a ring light that does it all?

The AirLit Ring Light is not inexpensive, at around $140CAD, or £79.99. For that price, you get a ring light controlled with an app or on device controls, a smart fan, magnetic mirror, phone clamp, and it can all be powered via a USB-C cable or charged and used on the go. It is actually quite a bit when you think about it. For myself, it’s a lot of bells and whistles I can’t make use of, but when scrolling through my TikTok, I found a lot of creators I thought this would be great for.

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As far as the light portion of the AirLit Ring Light goes, it is very easy to use. There are controls for the light both on its base and within the app. You can turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness and the colour temperature. I do wish it was a bit more powerful. I find if the light isn’t inches away from my face it doesn’t brighten things as much as I would like. With other ring lights, I have found the colour temperature a bit more versatile as well, as the AirLit Ring Light sticks to warmer colours, whereas I prefer cooler ones.

The light/fan portion of the AirLit Ring Light also adjusts from left to right, as well as the pole arm up and down, based on where you need it. I wish it could move back and forth more, as the base and pole can leave it in awkward positions based on where it sits. Behind my monitor, I really wanted to be able to turn the light itself rather than the whole base, so I still had access to the buttons with the light still facing me.

“The light/fan portion of the AirLit Ring Light also adjusts from left to right, as well as the pole arm up and down, based on where you need it.”

This is the same area where the fan sits, which is a unique feature, but I don’t really see why it’s needed with a ring light, aside from some dramatic modelling. Even then, the direction of the fan would need to be more adjustable, so it hits its target just right. There is a magnetic mirror that attaches over the fan as well, meaning you can only really use one or the other at a time. It seems like a lot on one ring light, and most of the features have very specific niches, it just doesn’t feel like a one-size-fits-all device.

The base is very unique as it houses the light and fan controls, the USB inputs, power buttons, but more importantly, it is a massive battery that houses up to 15 hours of battery life depending on how you’re using it. The AirLit Ring Light is completely mobile and works independently of outlets or devices. The base can actually charge your phone if needed. This comes in handy if you’re creating on location, or even want to use the fan on a hot summer day.

Geosmartpro Airlit Ring Light Review

It’s an interesting device, as you find more uses for it long after you have the AirLit Ring Light in your possession. I just wish they didn’t cram so many features in, as they never really mastered any single one. Though each feature is functional, the lights, adjustability and even the design of the pole and base could use some special attention to really make this a standout product.

If you can see more than one of the AirLit Ring Light features being of use to you, then the device is worth it. However, if you’re looking for a simple light with content creation in mind, this probably isn’t the device for you.

Final Thoughts

Dayna Eileen
Dayna Eileen

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