JLAB Go Work Wireless Headset Review

JLAB Go Work Wireless Headset Review 6
| Oct 2, 2021

Working from home has become more prevalent with the recent pandemic and, for many workers, is becoming a permanent solution. While many were willing to handle a little discomfort in the beginning, like setting up at the dining room table or using a cheap USB headset, it became apparent that we all needed to start making our setups more comfortable.

This came in the form of new desks, new chairs and any number of things to turn your home into an office, but if you are in search of a little comfort for your head while in a number of remote meetings or taking calls, look no further than the JLAB Go Work Wireless Headset as a quality, affordable and comfortable solution for the day-to-day grind.

Thinking about a work headset, many with some experience on the subject will think about the one-eared headset with a light foam earpiece and a piece of plastic that digs into your left temple. They generally felt like they would fall apart in no time.

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Going in the other direction, you may opt to use a gaming headset if you happen to have one. They have high quality sound and microphones, but if you don’t already own one, that is a big investment for a work from home setup. They can also be bulky and, frankly, a little overkill for a nine to five job.

“If you are in search of a little comfort for your head while in a number of remote meetings or taking calls, look no further than the JLAB Go Work Wireless Headset.”

JLAB decided to meet the market in the middle with a small, light headset that doesn’t cost a lot, but looks and sounds very nice. They also offer the mobility of a wireless headset and the versatility to connect to both your phone and laptop at the exact same time.

The Go Work Wireless Headset connects easily via Bluetooth to your devices and switches automatically between the two should you get a call in the middle of listening to audio on the laptop. You can expect a bit of a delay when returning from the call to your audio depending on the software you are using, but we are only talking a few seconds.

Another great feature is that the headset doesn’t have to be wireless. They provide a USB-C to aux cable to connect directly to your laptop as a wired headset. This is a wonderful feature in the event that you forget to charge the headset. You can just plug in and keep listening away. It is important to know that the use of the microphone will still require some battery power.

Jlab Go Work Wireless Headset Review 6

Call quality is quite good. The dual mic on the boom is used for both capturing your voice and eliminating any environmental noise and feedback from people who I have spoken to over the headset is that I am being heard clearly with no distracting sounds, which is something considering I have kids at home and often a washing machine going in the background.

The sound quality of the Go Work Wireless Headset itself is also very good for the price. I was initially concerned about what they would sound like, given that the earpieces don’t go over the ears. I can say that after extensive hours of listening on the headset, my experience was that I got crisp sound with minimal environmental interruption.

The control features are very simple. On your right earpiece, the power button can also be used to play and pause your audio, answer and hang up calls, reject calls, activate mobile assistants like Siri or Google and connect to Bluetooth. You can also monitor your own microphone with this one button.

“The sound quality of the Go Work Wireless Headset itself is also very good for the price.”

The volume controls, in addition to the obvious function of controlling the volume, can be used to navigate through tracks. On the side of the right earpiece, the JLAB logo can be pushed in to mute the microphone. The microphone will light up red when muted, so you won’t have that embarrassing moment when you say something that nobody was meant to hear.

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The battery life was also something I was skeptical about. They promise 45+ hours of battery life, meaning that it should work for an entire work week on a single charge. Testing it through weeks of work, though, I can tell you that this promise holds up, provided that you are working and not listening to eight hours of podcasts every day.

I can say that I never ran out of battery life during a workday. I would charge them after three twelve-hour shifts just to ensure I didn’t need to charge them in the middle of a shift, but I never heard or saw a low battery warning towards the end of that third shift.

The price point of $49 USD blows most of the competition out of the water. Competitors are charging double for their headsets, so, depending on your budget, you have a solid budget option in the Go Work Wireless Headset. While the Go Work Wireless Headset is inexpensive, though. It doesn’t feel cheap. It is light, but it is designed to ensure that it is comfortable for a long day of work.

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