Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard Review 3
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Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard
Company: Kensington
Type: Ergonomic Keyboard
MSRP: $67

If you’ve been an avid typer, there may be a time when your wrist feels sore with each press of a key on your keyboard, this problem can be easily solved with an ergonomic keyboard. These types of keyboards are very hard to approach with their angled designs with a split down in the middle, it takes time getting used to. Kensington’s Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard is the perfect fit for someone who is hesitant to buy one of these, as they are extremely cost-effective for what they offer. With this $67 CAD keyboard, you will have access to its long-lasting quality and an extremely comfortable experience with the included wrist rest attached to it.

Upon unboxing Kensington’s Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard, the keyboard comes with a brief user manual, a pair of disposable AAA batteries, and the 2.4GHz USB dongle. Everything is going to be wireless; this keyboard supports Bluetooth and the 2.4 GHz connection through the dongle since the keyboard lacks a proper USB port.  Although the included AAA batteries are not rechargeable, the company boasted that a single pair could last 30 months without a battery change.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard Review 1

Just like most ergonomic keyboards, the Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard doesn’t have the traditional rectangular shape that regular keyboards have. The primary layout is split in two, forming a triangular gap with each key tilting away from the centre. This style of format aims to reduce the stress involved with your wrist by letting your hands rest in a more natural position in a slightly angled position. The effect is enhanced by the negative incline these keyboards have. After some usage, it took me some time getting used to, but it wasn’t too difficult to adjust to this style.

The full-sized Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard measures 1.25 by 18.2 by 7.8 inches. The material used feels rather cheap, it makes me wonder if the cover would crack upon applying enough pressure, the creaking noises make me not want to test its durability. It also bothers me how pressing on the keys from an angle causes them to rub against the frame. Considering how they are both made of plastic, I could see friction wear down the keys sometime in the future. It is still nice knowing that Kensington claims that this keyboard is spill proof for those little accidents that may occur while drinking coffee.

Kensington’s Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard is the perfect fit for someone who is hesitant to buy one of these, as they are extremely cost-effective for what they offer.

Everything about the Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard may be cheap, but just like most ergonomic keyboards, the leatherette hand rest makes its obvious appearance at where your wrist rests. This feature reduces the strain of having your wrist too low or prevents them from getting tired while hovering over the keyboard. A redeeming quality to make up for the low material cost.

While the usual keys on a keyboard are present, it comes with an included number pad and a few additional function keys to lock the desktop and to use the calculator function. Due to the lack of a gap between the function keys and the keyboard, I notice myself accidentally clicking either the desktop lock and calculator keys instead of the backspace. It’s extremely frustrating to have the calculator pop up whenever I’m focused on typing.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Once I get used to avoiding the two function keys, the keyboard becomes a perfect addition to any office workplace. The undisruptive silent keys make absolutely no noise, leaving your colleagues undisturbed by obnoxious typing. Typing performance wise, the Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard works exceptionally well. Whenever I am engaging in typing, the keyboard feels amazing to use. On the other hand, this keyboard isn’t exactly made for gaming, the lack of lights makes it difficult in the dark to figure out what key I’m pressing. Completely understandable since it’s an office keyboard and not a gaming one. I’ll only be reserving this keyboard as a must-have for any long typing session.

As my first experience with an ergonomic keyboard, I have no right to compare this to another keyboard of its kind. Which is why the inexpensive price of $67 CAD is a great keyboard to start off with, a training ergonomic keyboard if you will. If you were like me who wasn’t keen on the idea of spending a good amount of money on a well-known brand, the Pro Fit Ergonomic Keyboard is a great one to begin your strain-free typing session. The long battery life puts my wallet at ease having to worry about a single pair of batteries every few years.

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