Razer Pro Type Ultra Keyboard Review

Razer Pro Type Ultra Keyboard Review
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Razer Pro Type Ultra Keyboard

Razer is branching out from gaming with their new Productivity Suite which includes the new Razer Pro Type Ultra Keyboard, the Pro Click and Pro Click Mini Mouse, Pro Glide mousepad and more. Razer states that the line is “a powerhouse combination of best-in-class ergonomics, portability, and performance.” As someone who primarily uses Razer gear, I was excited to check out the Pro Type Ultra Keyboard, something a little more subtle than my usual RGB go-to, the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog Keyboard.

The Productivity Suite looks great altogether on my desk. The crisp white and grey colourset stands out and is a huge change from the usual black devices and bright lights I have from Razer. I thought I would find the set dull, but the Razer Pro Type Ultra looks so vibrant in my plain office set up, it really brightens the space. Even though the Pro Click Ultra doesn’t feature RGBs, it is still well back-lit. This one just doesn’t feature fancy colors or patterns. It looks very professional, exactly what they were aiming for.

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My only real concern with the colour choice is that it gets dirty very quickly. I thought this would be more of an issue with black keyboards showing dust etc, but the light grey of the wrist guard was marked up very easily and needed to be cleaned often. Light colours show off things you would rather not know are there, so make sure you’re diligent in cleaning if you pick up this set. It should also be mentioned that the wrist pad does not connect to the keyboard magnetically or otherwise, so re-adjusting is a constant battle.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra features Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches, meaning they were aiming for linear and silent typing on this model. Coming from the gaming side of Razer products, it was strange to have such a quiet keyboard. The switches were definitely doing their job, and I could type gently during meetings—or podcasts—without everyone in the video call hearing me.

“The Razer Pro Type Ultra features Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches, meaning they were aiming for linear and silent typing on this model.”

I was happy to have a full-size keyboard, as most of the models we checked out lately are tenkeyless, since that is optimal for gaming. Personally, I can’t live without a number pad. Typing felt natural, as the keys are well spaced out and not crammed too closely like I’ve found with smaller keyboards.

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The keyboard can be wired via a USB-C cable or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or Razer HyperSpeed (2.4Hz). The keyboard connected effortlessly to the PC in every way, as we have come to expect from Razer. A small switch sits on the top of the keyboard to change between modes. The dongle for its Razer HyperSpeed connection has a slot to sit in underneath the computer when not in use, thankfully, because losing those things is the worst. In an office setting, I really don’t see a need for a keyboard to be wireless, but having options is never a bad thing.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a great piece in the Productivity Suite. If you’re a fan of the Razer brand but are looking for something a little less flashy than your usually RGB, super-clicky model, this keyboard will be perfect for your home or office. If you are comfortable with the light-coloured gear, and prepared to keep up with regular cleaning, the Razer Pro Type Ultra really has no downside.

Final Thoughts

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