Raycon The Power Boombox Speaker Review

Raycon Does the Listening For You

Raycon The Power Boombox Speaker Review 1
Raycon The Power Boombox Speaker Review

Raycon The Power Boombox Speaker

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The Power Boombox Speaker by Raycon wastes no time delivering clean sound anywhere and anytime. Users outdoors will especially love telling apart the crisp stereo and clean bass. While the Power Boombox Speaker’s other gimmicks, including FM radio and RGB aren’t enough to hold this near-essential purchase back.

I never knew I needed a speaker in my life until Raycon sent over The Power Boombox. Most personal listening experiences are through headphones. After all, why would I need to blast my tunes for others? The answer comes from ambience. Raycon did a great job designing its The Power Boombox Speaker to keep up with occasions. The internals are powerful enough to work as an entry-level speaker for homes. A convenient handle and slim weight make the speaker portable for outdoor adventures.

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Raycon delivers nothing less for a smooth listening experience. On paper, dual three-inch speakers blast audio. The Power Boombox Speaker is complimented by two punchy woofers on the size. This design feels classic, but does wonders for giving hardware its own space to breathe. Users can quickly piece together vocals and treble. Bass lifts tracks up on their own without overpowering. The Power Boombox Speaker pulls this off with a budget-friendly standard 20W speaker. In fact, it can actually peak at 36W – preserving that clean audio at the loudest volume. I didn’t find any shortcuts in sound design.

Audiophiles can appreciate its higher than usual 70Hz-16kHz frequency. This counts when audio is maxed out without piercing ear drums. Or blaring out Bohemian Rhapsody at a one-person party without sharp intonations. Raycon leaves room for its bass and treble to elevate a party (or house cleaning). Songs streamed on Spotify managed to preserve quality on higher volumes. It’s no easy feat for a budget-friendly speaker.

Raycon builds the speaker around its beefy performance to satisfying effect. Holding down the RGB button switches to three profiles: Balanced, Bass and Pure Sound. The louder levels are, the more distinctive each profile gets. Pure Sound felt like a raw stream that brought out the best (and worst) out of Spotify. Bass is by far my most favourite mode for a satisfying punch that takes every advantage of the side woofers. Balanced managed to tone down my bass while bringing out the treble

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The Power Boombox Speaker holds up especially well outdoors. Raycon clearly prepped the speaker for camping, patio parties and showers. The aforementioned handle is incredibly comfortable with a wide, smooth grip. Users won’t have a hard time handling the six-pound speaker. Raycon’s larger speaker still feels reliable, convenient and situational. The Bluetooth 5.0 integration works effortlessly for devices. Friends, family and other users can connect quickly. While The Power Boombox Speaker streams without input lag for controls, users can also chain other speakers for surround effect. At 10 metres, it’s easy to leave The Power Boombox Speaker playing music without much baggage.

“The Power Boombox Speaker holds up especially well outdoors.”

All the speaker’s internals are powered by a 6000mAh battery. It doesn’t exactly live up to its advertised 21-hour charge on half volume. But I was impressed to get six hours straight out of the box. The Power Boombox Speaker will surprise users with a minimum of 15 hours. Of course, this depends on audio level and connections.

But Raycon’s bulky speaker puts other all-day battery products to shame. For an oversized unit, The Power Boombox Speaker finds more value in a single charge. A big bonus comes from fast USB-C charging. Then seamlessly using it while charging. I especially loved Raycon’s transparency for battery anxious users through four LED lights.

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Raycon doesn’t just stop at building a practical speaker that feels premium. Features like FM radio were surprisingly easy to use without a screen. It automatically scans FM channels for storage. Users simply hold the volume buttons to switch channels. The Power Boombox Speaker still keeps FM audio clean. Without a phone in sight, it’s nice to have a product that can operate by itself.

Raycon’s IPX5 feature makes the speaker ready for water. Users can’t swim with the speaker. But it can survive brief dunks, accidental spills and cleanups. While Raycon’s speaker can fit snugly on watercraft for maximum summer vibes. The hardware fun continues with instant USB playback. Lossless audio can go into a storage drive. The Power Boombox Speaker instantly switches to USB mode for added convenience. This feature works flawlessly for particular users who might need it.

“Raycon has outdone themselves…”

 I never questioned why The Power Boombox Speaker includes RGB lighting. But it’s a welcome feature that starts conversations and parties hard. The coolest lighting mode syncs to any track. Raycon’s manual simply calls it a “party LED light show” and more than delivers for eye-popping effects. The Power Boombox Speaker even includes a voice. Raycon cleverly uses it for pairing, volume limits, FM modes and battery warnings.

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My only issue with The Power Boombox Speaker is that it eventually runs out of battery. It says everything about how much this product has won me over. Raycon has outdone themselves in packing high quality sound for anyone’s first speaker. But a number of thoughtful hardware features make The Power Boombox Speaker easy to work with.

There’s a certain attention to detail in every corner. From the damn clean audio over Bluetooth 5.0. A large handle that makes the speaker lightweight. Down to the number of ways to use it without a phone. Existing users can find plenty of reasons to upgrade to the Power Boombox Speaker. While Raycon delivers on a surprise hit listeners never knew they needed.

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Clement Goh

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