Razer Ifrit (Hardware) Review

Razer Ifrit (Hardware) Review 2
| May 6, 2019

Every once in a while a new piece of tech is created that is so revolutionary or so strange that it changes the very industry that it is in. I’m not sure if it’s revolutionary, but The Razer Ifrit is definitely the most unique headset that I’ve ever reviewed. It’s an oddity, plain and simple, and one that attempts to tackle one of the biggest issues that headphones create: the potential of ruining your hair. While Razer is no stranger to having bright colour schemes in their peripherals, the Ifrit’s design makes it arguably their most standout product to date. But is the Ifrit successful enough at what it does? And is there more to it then its novel look?

On one hand, the Razer Ifrit makes you look like a telemarketer, on the other hand, it keeps your hair safe from the horrors that regular headphones bring with them. The actual headset forgoes the flashy colours in favour of a classy looking black finish. It feels like the Ifrit is trying to blend in, but with how wacky the design is, it may have been better if they committed to standing out.

Razer Ifrit (Hardware) Review 3
Razer Ifrit – Image Provided by Razer

The Ifrit is surprisingly comfortable once you get used to it, although it did feel a bit strange the first few times, especially if you’re someone who primarily uses over-ear headphones. That being said, once I did get used to it out I was impressed. The headset uses a curved wire system that rests on the top of your ears and wraps around the back of our head. The mic is located near the front and fits snuggly with lots of room for readjustment. The one drawback is that the foam tends to fall off quite easily and the mic clips when it’s not on. The Ifrit comes with earbuds that work well to cut background noise out, and they really helped make for an immersive experience. They did get loose every couple of hours, but overall did a surprisingly good job of staying secure during intense gameplay.

The Ifrit comes with a  plastic USB enhancer and features a 5FT long cable that is more than long enough for most setups. It’s easy to use and comes with a mute button, volume toggle and space for two mics. It is unfortunate that the Ifrit doesn’t feature THX’s Spatial Audio, because the audio experience is pretty run-of-the-mill. The Ifrit retails for 129.99 CAD and fits into the lower-midrange headset field. If you’re someone who games competitively then you’re probably not going to find too much value in the Ifrit.

Razer Ifrit (Hardware) Review 2
Razer Ifrit – Image Provided by Razer

All that being said, this device is built with streamers in mind. While headphone hair may not seem like a glaring issue for most gamers, for those creating content where they rely on their image and how they present themselves, the Ifrit actually serves a real need. Also, the Ifrit features two headset inputs, which works well if you’re someone who streams as a duo. This is also very much the perfect device for casual gamers or anyone who wants to game for a couple of hours and then go out on the town.

The Razer Ifrit is definitely not for everyone, and more hardcore gamers will probably be better off sticking with their current headphones. That being said, its’ novel design, noise cancelling technology, coupled with its ease of use and hair protective qualities make it a quirky-entry level peripheral that’s perfect for streamers.

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