Razer Ring Light Review

Razer Ring Light Review 1
| Jun 13, 2021

Sometimes it seems like Razer won’t be happy until their name is on every piece of gaming related accoutrements in your life. They’ve got mice, keyboards, laptops, GPU enclosures, and webcams all with their distinctive swirly logo on them, and now, if your Razer Kiyo doesn’t have enough illumination to pick up your pretty face, you can slap it in a Razer Ring Light to get the luminosity that that face deserves. It’s a good face, after all.

In all seriousness, if you are looking for a ring light to help capture some video then the Razer Ring Light is a decent and well-priced option. Razer’s Ring Light comes with an ultra light expandable tripod that will light up your day at any height you find yourself needing. If you are using this at your desk with the legs fully retracted then the footprint is a bit cumbersome and could be problematic with some more constrained desks.

The legs pop out easily with three clips on each leg allowing for four different sizes, so you’ll find use for its bright bulbs whether placed on a desk or standing up as a fully grown human being, and any size in between. Additionally, the bulb’s tilt can also be adjusted pretty generously, opening up even more orientation options.

Razer Ring Light
Razer Ring Light

The bulb itself comes in with three different lighting temperature settings, warm light, balanced white, and cool white, with 10 brightness settings for each. I found myself typically staying in the balanced white around the lower/middle brightness steps, but I’m sure you will find something in these 30 different lighting modes that will flatter your delicate cheekbones to your liking during hours long game streams. All of these settings can be accessed easily through a control box along the USB power cord.  Inside this so-called ring of light, can be affix one of the two included mounts, one for cell phones and another for a webcam, also adjustable.

“The Razer Ring Light is stable, comes with plenty of lighting and size options, and won’t absolutely destroy your wallet.”

Razer’s Ring Light isn’t the biggest behemoth on the ring light market. Elgato’s AC powered unit is littered with impressive features and can reach brighter brights and more control over colour adjustments, but it also comes in at double the cost and a flimsy clamp instead of a tripod. The Razer Ring Light is stable, comes with plenty of lighting and size options, and won’t absolutely destroy your wallet in the process, assuming you have the space for it.

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