Sony SRS-XE300 Wireless Speaker Review

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Sony SRS-XE300 Wireless Speaker
Company: Sony
Type: Wireless Speaker
MSRP: $199.99
CGM Editors Choice

Sony has been a staple audio, gaming and entertainment company, offering the best in-class performance and technological ingenuity. Sony’s SRS-XE300 wireless speaker was nothing short of this. The speaker simply included its quick instructions and a small USB Type-C cable for charging. The speaker was about the average size for a speaker of this calibre, approximately 105 mm x 238 mm x 119 mm (width x height x depth). It only weighed about 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs).  

I was able to test the black coloured version, but it comes in blue and light grey as well. This was a peculiar one to test since it introduced its new X-Balanced Speaker unit and Line-Shape Diffuser design. Its design was inspired by stereo speakers used at concerts, which punch the sound through a narrower source. By doing so, the sound would travel further. While it seemed like it would be limiting the sound to one narrow area, I found it truly carried my songs through my home’s long hallways. The internal non-circular diaphragm also allowed more sound pressure with pristine sound quality. 

The other distinct visual feature was its shape. More traditional designs of wireless portable speakers have been the cylindrical or square shape. Sony took liberties with the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker and has trodden its own path on shape. Since the sound shoots out of a narrow line, the speaker had a more pentagonal shape, where the sound pressure escapes through the tip end of the pentagon. Sony claimed that as sound travelled through the “narrow aperture”, the audio could reach further and wider directions out of the speaker.  

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Thinking about it more, I found this was an interesting concept. So, I wanted to put it to a little audio test against another beast in a similar class—the Huawei Sound Joy wireless speaker. Not to see which was better, but to see the sound dispersion between the typical sound dispersion versus the innovative design of the Line-Shape Diffuser style.  

To my surprise, the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker’s audio and audible lyrics shot straight through multiple rooms in comparison to the conventional cone-shaped design from the Sound Joy speaker. However, for the sound dispersion within the room, the Sound Joy seemed to have a wider radius of sound distribution. The sound travelling in a line felt great for big spaces and made a lot of sense with the concept being based around concert-level audio performance.   

“Overall, I felt the $199.99 price was a sweet spot for the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker, which delivered more than I expected.”

Even when I cranked the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker, there was little to no distortion—not even small pieces of things on my desk rattling affected the sound quality because of the strong base. This speaker definitely won on range while sustaining its clarity. In terms of additional protection for this speaker, it has claimed to be waterproof and saltwater resistant. It also had an IP67 rating, meaning it was dustproof—a perfect quality for bringing the speaker to the beach.  

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As for battery life, I hosted a whole party with my tunes from Spotify. And I watched a bunch of shows: from shows like House of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, to films such as Blonde and Hocus Pocus 2. This speaker held its course on the boasted specification of it lasting 24 hours. Sony even stated how it supported quick charging, meaning a 10-minute charge could offer 70 minutes of playtime.  

For connectivity with any Android phones, such as my Huawei P20 Pro, it was the quickest device to ever connect with my phone and laptop. I had to know why, and it was because the speaker enabled Google Fast Pair. Another great feature was that the orientation of the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker mattered with special settings. So, when I had it upright, it was perfect in mono.  

“Even when I cranked the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker, there was little to no distortion…”

Then, when laying it down horizontally, I could switch it to stereo audio playback through the Sony app—Music Center app. I never would have thought there could be a significant difference with the attention to the orientation of the speaker until testing this out. On the Music Center app, the Battery Care feature was also great, which allowed me to keep the battery in optimal condition by not allowing the speaker to be overcharged. 

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Additionally, I genuinely appreciated the sustainability focus Sony mentioned, along with the focus on design. The internal parts of the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker were said to be made of recycled plastic, and the packaging of each speaker was said to be made of no more than 5% of plastic materials. The speaker also boasted its ability of Party Connect, which could connect up to 100 compatible wireless speakers through Bluetooth.  

Overall, I felt the $199.99 price was a sweet spot for the SRS-XE300 wireless speaker, which delivered more than I expected. I found myself still skeptical on the whole Line-Shape Diffuser being more effective for listening to something in smaller spaces, but I thought it really excelled in bigger spaces as it was intended for parties. It can be a bit of an awkward shape to hold and was a bit chonky in size, but not particularly heavy either.  

I had never seen a unique design like this that offered a great experience across easy connectivity, high-quality audio, a useful app and a tough build to house everything. I would have liked to see some kind of RGB-lighting like in JBL’s Pulse series speakers as this was partially advertised as a party speaker. I think the speaker shied away from a more celebratory design, which could have benefitted it. The SRS-XE300 wireless speaker would be perfect for the audiophile looking to host a lovely soirée, or kick it at the beach with friends—distributing crystal clear treble and bass. 

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