XPG Precog Analog Headphone Review

XPG Precog Analog Headphone Review 1
XPG Precog Analog Headphone Review
XPG Precog Analog
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Stepping into the gaming business isn’t easy and you are going to need the right equipment to excel. This is where the XPG Precog Analog comes into play. Coming to us from ADATA/XPG, the Precog Analog delivers a great microphone and amazing audio that reaches a frequency response of 5Hz to 50,000 Hz from the dual drivers that use electrostatic technology installed within. Plus, the added rotatable ergonomic ear cups make them headphones you won’t mind wearing daily. It’s everything you could ask for in a gaming headset, without wasting further time, I will elaborate on my experience.

Up until recently, I always thought ADATA was a brand that dealt with only hardware components for computers before learning of their XPG branch that specialized in gaming equipment. Since this is the first time I’ve used their product. Pricing at about $150 CAD, I am excited to see what their Precog Analog has to offer.

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Opening the box was like any other ordinary box, just unwrap the plastic layer and unfold the lids to reveal the contents. Included in the box is the XPG Precog Analog, the detachable microphone, and one 3.5mm headphone jack as well as the 3.5mm Y-adapter for whether you have a laptop or a PC There isn’t much to say about the manual, which is to be expected for those familiar with headsets, but it does come with stickers if you like adding them to your collection.

“Weighing at about 362 grams, the XPG Precog Analog feels very lightweight on my head…”

At first glance, the glossy appearance of the Precog Analog screams cheap and flimsy, It’s essentially just two firm wire-like frames encased in rubber that support the headband and the earpieces together. I was worried that the frames would be easily damaged. Thankfully, my initial impressions were wrong, an upon further use, I could see just how quality the Precog Analog had in store. Setting aside my initial impressions, of the glossy look, the minimal design is quite sleek and stylish fitting for any gamers gaming rig. 

Weighing at about 362 grams, the XPG Precog Analog feels very lightweight on my head, which is probably due to the minimal design. Since the headband suspends over the head, it always had the right-fit unlike many of the other headsets I’ve used in the past; I didn’t have to constantly adjust the positioning of it during mid-game. The quality of comfort was further enhanced by the rotatable earcups being used.

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They felt extremely soft and comfortable, as if they were fluffy pillows, keeping my ears safe with sound. The only issue I ran into was the headphones could get uncomfortable over longer periods of time. There was an issue with how the earcups sat on my head, resulting in them pinching in a way that I could not fix even after adjusting. This may not be an issue for everyone, but it is worth pointing out before purchase.

XPG boasted that the Precog Analog was made with electrostatic drivers that offered no audio distortion and their bass was impeccable. After testing, let’s say they have a good reason for being cocky. Compared to the typical dynamic drivers that most headphones use, the Precog Analog had no problem serving me the best audio in all the songs I’ve vibed with. One of the songs I’ve listened to was Off with Their Heads by Mori Calliope, the vtuber that plays the facade of a grim reaper. While listening to it with the Precog Analog for the first time, I was impressed by how much stronger the bass sounded.

Whenever I am playing competitive games, communication is the key to winning my games. I love playing team-based games such as MOBA games like League of Legends or objective games like Rainbow Six Siege, It was the perfect time to delve into the microphone quality. The first game I tested the microphone in was Eternal Return. It’s a strange mixture of moba and battle royale done well and, believe me, the game is difficult and yet surprisingly fun to play.

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After partying up with someone from the community I immediately became immersed into the game because of how clear the audio picked up by the precog analog was and we started chatting about the character we used and what our game plan was. It was all fun and games until we got sandwiched by two teams during the final zone in Chapel. We managed to get out of the situation after telling my teammate that we should use our dash skills into the church and then sneak around the team on our left and flank them while they were occupied with the other team. The plan actually worked and I used my abilities and taunted the enemies while my teammate set up their combos from behind and we won the game. It was a nerve-wracking experience that was quickly saved by a good example of communication through the precog analog.

My first experience with an XPG product exceeded all expectations. Besides the discomfort from wearing these for too long, I didn’t have many problems with what the XPG Precog Analog brought to the table. They look good, feel great when jumping into a quick match, and deliver unparelleled audio, especially in their price range. If you are willing to spend $150 CAD on a headset and demand amazing audio, few headphones compare to the Precog Analog.

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