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Tropico E3 2017 Preview - Shaking Up the Formula 2

Tropico 6 E3 2017 Preview – Shaking Up the Formula

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
A new development team taking on a beloved property can always raise a few alarms.
All Aboard Railway Fans! New Railway Empire Trailer

All Aboard Railway Fans! New Railway Empire Trailer

 |  Jesse Cabral
Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios have released a new trailer for their upcoming tycoon simulation game, Railway Empire.
Vikings  – Wolves of Midgard Review - Intense Cheese 2

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Review – Intense Cheese

 |  Cody Orme
To say that Diablo is an influential title is an understatement.
Be A Mayor In Urban Empire

Be A Mayor In Kalypso New City Simulator Urban Empire

 |  Jordan Biordi
Kalypso Media has announced their new IP: Urban Empire, which they will be showing for the first time at GDC 2016.
Grand Ages: Medieval (PS4) Review 3

Grand Ages: Medieval (PS4) Review

 |  Cody Orme
It’s kind of strange to admit that while I’m primarily a console gamer, I have a connection to many real time strategy (RTS) franchises. Yes, I grew up playing the latest Nintendo and Sega home systems, but I did manage to dabble in RTS games like Warcraft III, the Command and Conquer series, and Civilization […]
Tropico 5 (PS4) Review 5

Tropico 5 (PS4) Review

 |  Wayne Santos
El Presidente Comes To The Current Generation If you’re a fan of action and FPS games, then the current console generation has been a world of goodness and nurturing light for your soul. If you’re into strategy games, then you should probably be playing on PC, because console gamers are like orphans standing in the […]
Tropico 5 (PC) Review 4

Tropico 5 (PC) Review

 |  Andrew Foltz
I’ve never played a Tropico game before, but I’ve always had my eye on it. As a long-time player of simulation games, I’ve devoured each new Sim game, loving the feel of making my own town or controlling my virtual lives. Each game always ends the same way for me, though. I run out of […]

Trailers: The First Templar – Celian

 |  Eric Weiss
The latest trailer introduces another character for the upcoming medieval adventure.

First Templar Character Trailer: Roland

 |  Eric Weiss
Lots of people get stabbed in Kalypso’s latest video.

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