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5 Roguelikes to Play after Hades 2

5 Great Roguelikes to Play after Hades

 |  Eduard Gafton
If you love Hades as much as we do, you’ve already probably run through Hell and back again enough times to have seen most of what the game has to offer.
Below (Xbox One) Review

Below (Xbox One) Review

 |  Joe DeClara
The opening track to Jim Guthrie’s soundtrack for Capybara’s Below is titled “Moth to a Flame;” an apt introduction to the game’s central premise. After nearly twenty hours, I cannot say what it is that pulls me to this game. It is unforgiving, even unfair at times. Its tight, minimalist combat and crafting design is […]
The Swords of Ditto (PC) Review 2

The Swords of Ditto (PC) Review

 |  Derek Heemsbergen
I’ve heard the term “cartoon renaissance” bandied about quite a bit over the past couple of years. Shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe shine as examples of Western animation that fall into this category. Though superficially colourful and bright, their widespread appeal extends beyond their ostensible target audience—children—precisely because they are unafraid to address […]
Roguelands (PC) Review 3

Roguelands (PC) Review

 |  Pedro D'Avila
For some, Rogue-likes currently over-saturate the indie market, but in a crowded sea, some can truly stand out. Weather playing it alone, or with friends, Roguelands provided an experience that was not only unlike anything I had ever enjoyed but was ultimately worth every penny.
Original Journey (PC) Review – A Journey Made with Love 9

Original Journey (PC) Review – A Journey Made with Love

 |  Jesse Cabral
I’m a big fan of roguelikes. I really enjoy the core loop of running out, playing through tough levels, ultimately dying and then regrouping before heading back out. This loop allows me to enjoy bite sized sessions or longer slogs as I try to get through a tough section or challenge. Original Journey is a […]
Plague Road (PC) Review 1

Plague Road (PC) Review – Intriguing With Little to Say

 |  Joel Couture
The artistic atmosphere created through the visuals Plague Road offer a dizzying variety of steampunk detail, bringing players to a time of clockwork soldiers and mechanical witches fighting a disease that seems to permeate the very air. It’s unfortunate that the game behind this look just isn’t very compelling. The visuals set up in Plague Road are an […]
Has-Been Heroes Review - Best in Small Doses 6

Has-Been Heroes Review – Best in Small Doses

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
he Nintendo Switch, in its month of release, has proven to be a surprise success.
Sublevel Zero Redux  - Nostolgic Roguelike 2

Sublevel Zero Redux – Nostalgic Roguelike

 |  Jed Whitaker
Roguelikes with randomly generated levels are easy to find these days, but games like 90’s classics Descent and Forsaken aren’t.
Deathstate Review (PC) Review

Deathstate (PC) Review

 |  Aleksander Gilyadov
Deathstate, from developer Workinman Interactive, is yet another roguelike .
Enter the Gungeon (PS4) Review 6

Enter the Gungeon (PS4) Review

 |  Chris Carter
It’s getting to the point where every time I hear the phrase “roguelike,” my mind’s eye rolls a little. Sure, I absolutely adore Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, and Rouge Legacy like everyone else, but many indie developers are shoehorning in permadeath mechanics to tick some boxes as a selling point rather than paying homage to […]

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