Huge Roguelike Trigon: Space Story From Gameforge, Launches Today Worldwide

Huge Roguelike Trigon: Space Story From Gameforge, Launches Today On PC Worldwide

The anticipated release date for the new space title Trigon: Space Story is finally here from the developers at Gameforge, and it kicks off today on PC everywhere.

Since the exciting announcement back in January, the makers of the huge MMO Swords of Legends Online have finally allowed fans to take their first steps into the dark expanse of space with their new and first ever single player title, Trigon: Space Story. The exciting official launch trailer can be seen below.

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As the new roguelike Sci-Fi lifts off today, over 100,000 Steam wish lists will be fulfilled, as the game has surpassed that amount going into launch. While the title is clearly inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light, the developers had more of a vision for this to be a spiritual successor rather than a replacement for the title they held so dearly.

Co-founder of Sernur.Tech, Kirill Koltsov described the drive the development team — which initially started as a team of only five — with “In May 2019, we decided to shoot for the stars. What kind of game do we want to play? FTL, but with a captain and free exploration of the galaxy,” in regards to the vision of the new ambitious title. Fans no longer have to wait fortunately, as Trigon: Space Story launches today.

Key Features of Trigon: Space Story

Huge Roguelike Trigon: Space Story From Gameforge, Launches Today Worldwide
  • Have the ability to captain a crew of your very own starship, while making decisions that can ultimately benefit the crew with life or death scenarios on the line.
  • Full customizable control over the captains starship, with over 70 types of weapons, including futuristic firepower such as lasers making your star cruiser a force to be reckoned with.
  • Diplomacy doesn’t take a back seat here, with multiple cultures to have to content with, integration with other species such as the Spartan-like Rakkhi may be necessary for the advancement of your adventure.
  • Decision will play a key factor in whether you succeed on your travels, do you bastardize space for personal gain? or will you play a pariah that helps others overcome hardship as well? The choice is with the captain.
  • Roguelike elements assure no two runs will be the same, with procedurally designed space expanses, the notion of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome,” will be present here like nowhere else.
Huge Roguelike Trigon: Space Story From Gameforge, Launches Today Worldwide

Trigon: Space Story can be an interstellar adventure for the decades, as the roguelike Star Trek simulator is finally available for fans to test drive today. Fans can start their journey by down loading the title from Steam, and to stay in the loop on everything Trigon, visiting the Gameforge Twitter can be an easy way to stay in the loop.

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