Swords Of Legends Online Big 2.0 Update Is Finally Here With The Firestone Legacy And F2P

Swords Of Legends Online Big 2.0 Update Is Finally Here With The Firestone Legacy And F2P 1

The time has finally come for Swords of Legends Online to unleash the anticipated Firestone Legacy on SOLO, with new classes, a free-to-play model, and a serious overload of new content.

Gameforge has been trickling out content updates for its well-received MMO Swords of Legends Online in a timely fashion, and finally, for fans and players waiting to join the adventure in the world of Shenzhou, The Firestone Legacy update 2.0 drops today along with a completely free-to-play model inciting new players. The update comes with many fixes to game issues, as well as the notable quality of life improvements to basic game functionality.

Swords Of Legends Online Big 2.0 Update Is Finally Here With The Firestone Legacy And F2P

Vice President of Product at Gameforge, Noemi Feller previously said “Over the past few months, player population growth has become a concern for our community—and we have listened. After careful consideration and discussions with Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon, we have jointly decided to remove the paywall and allow more players to join SOLO and enjoy the vast amounts of content currently available, with even more already planned through 2022 and beyond,” in their focus on expanding their playerbase to a wider audience.

Previous updates to the game have provided new content to quench the player thirst for more activities, including The Forbidden Court update, but this is surely the largest update to happen to the world of Swords of Legends Online, and the most fan-centered update the game as received. As previously reported to launch in February, The Firestone Legacy is launching worldwide today and existing fans are excited for the potential increase in users on Twitter:

The update is positively massive and as reported in late January, there will be new classes, new dungeons, player home in the clouds creation, new map zones, in-game flight racing, new endgame content, and much much more. The only downside is the massive 10-hr update time the servers will be down for, but Swords of Legends Online will be improved and populated like never before.

Swords of Legends Online The Firestone Legacy Update 2.0 launches today, and players can get in on the action by scurrying over to the SOLO website to get started. Players who want to see a detailed, and LONG list of all of the exciting announcements can visit the patch notes here.

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