Swords of Legends Online Brings The Firestone Legacy to 2022

Swords of Legends Online Gives An Exciting Outlook on 2022

Swords of Legends Online has been slowly trickling out content over the past year, but the team over at Gameforge still has a few aces up its sleeve, behold The Firestone Legacy.

With two new content updates since September, Swords of Legends Online has been on a roll with its content stream, and it is not finished yet. The latest updates provided two new raids for players to conquer, and the Forbidden Court gave players the Floral Palace location along with extra PvP content.

Swords Of Legends Online Gives An Exciting Outlook On 2022

SOLO is now moving to a completely free-to-play model as early as late February with the release of update 2.0. Vice President of Product at Gameforge, Noemi Feller said, “The voices of our players and community have been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of our decision-making—whether it is more content rolled out more quickly, localization updates, or otherwise—and this decision is no different.”

Feller also stated “Over the past few months, player population growth has become a concern for our community—and we have listened. After careful consideration and discussions with Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon, we have jointly decided to remove the paywall and allow more players to join SOLO and enjoy the vast amounts of content currently available, with even more already planned through 2022 and beyond,” in an impressive move to increase the player count.

This free-to-play model doesn’t neglect players who have already purchased the game, those who have will receive in-game bonuses and Gameforge promises all in-game purchases will be purely cosmetic, or battle pass related and not pay-to-win. Gameforge released a teaser below:

YouTube video

Swords of Legends Online‘s first massive expansion update 2.0 titled The Firestone Legacy will blast players with a ton of content. The expansion is completely FREE and will launch this February.

Swords of Legends Online, The Firestone Legacy Features

  • A new player class, the Fox Mage: The Fox Mage is a spellcaster that relies on the powers of thorns, blossoms, and plants to deal damage and support allies. This class will be playable for characters with the new “girl” body type selection.
  • A new player class, the Warrior: The Warrior is divided into two separate subclasses—the “male” Crystal Warrior, and the “girl” Spirit Warrior—both possess their own playstyles for every type of gamer. Both subclasses can equip players with new combat mechanics for tanks in any given party, or those who prefer the DPS role.
  • More character slots: This will allow current players the opportunity to take these new classes out for a test spin.
  • Higher level cap: The level cap used to sit at 37, but with The Firestone Legacy, players will start as ‘Students’ until 36, becoming ‘Sages’ at level 37. Then, players can ascend to higher abilities as a Sage to maximize abilities.
  • Storyline advancement: Continuing from Chapter 10, which came with The Forbidden Court, The Firestone Legacy will introduce the new Chapters 11 and 12, to continue the story and unravel more of the lore of Shenzhou and Swords of Legends Online.
  • New zones: The five new areas include the Snowing Blossom Paradise (a starting zone for the new Fox Mage and Warrior classes); the Changhe Mountain (an area for The Firestone Legacy classes to grind levels), the Changfu Garden, the Cloudscape (located beyond Langquan Bridge), and Blade Peak on Taihua Mountain.
  • More PvE and PvP for everyone: Five new 5–10 player dungeons are coming to Swords of Legends Online, alongside two new 10–20 player raids. PvP sees a new 3v3 map added in the form of the Astral Ravine, along with a new 10v10 map called of Go in the Snow.
  • Wait there’s more?: New activities, that include an action-packed flight race that will have players soaring at top-speed to climb the dedicated leaderboard. Of course, additional balancing and bug fixes will be implemented, as well as a new Battle Pass for those who appreciate new cosmetic items.

This exciting update to the world of Swords of Legends Online brings something for everyone, for existing players and new ones. The first massive update, 2.0, The Firestone Legacy, aims to push SOLO to new heights in 2022 and beyond. For more information about the exciting update launching next month, players can visit the SOLO website.

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