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The Jungle Book (Movie) Review 8

The Jungle Book (Movie) Review

Disney’s massive blockbuster reboot of The Jungle Book really shouldn’t have worked. After all, their recent attempts to remake animated classics in live action have

Lucy Movie Review 2

Lucy Movie Review

Over the last 30 years Luc Besson has turned himself into a one man Eurotrash action movie factory. He started by writing and directing cult

Under The Skin (Movie) Review 3

Under The Skin (Movie) Review

Some of the best sci-fi horror movies put viewers in a trance. These films aren’t about understanding an imagined world, but being thrust into something

Her (Movie) Review 1

Her (Movie) Review

Like all of the best speculative science fiction, Spike Jonze’s latest flick her is set in the future, but it’s really about right now. The

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