5 Games You Should Be Playing

5 Games You Should Be Playing - 2012-09-27 19:05:40
| Sep 27, 2012

Recently at the C&G offices, we were discussing games which were released this year that haven’t garnered the response they should have.

Whether it was lack of sales, or just a lack of conversation about these particular titles, we think they’re certainly games you should be playing. The list is made of games that have been released since December 2011 until today.

5 Games You Should Be Playing1) Star Wars: The Old Republic: While this game has certainly been talked about in the news, it’s usually done so insultingly. This is one of the better MMO’s on the market today. As of sometime this fall, Bioware’s Star Wars based role playing game will become free to play. The game provides an interesting take on the traditional MMO experience, providing a different type of gameplay mechanic in comparison to outlets like World of Warcraft. The stunning graphics and cinematic scenes add an emotional story tie in, which is hard to find in other Star Wars franchise games. With the option to avoid a monthly subscription fee, this is a game you should start playing immediately.

2) Sleeping Dogs: One of the newest games on the list was hyped up by various outlets in the industry, and fell flat sales wise upon release. Just because it wasn’t a commercial success, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick this up for your collection. Developed by United Front Games, it takes place in Hong Kong and follows undercover cop Wei Shen through the gritty Chinese underworld. With an interesting combat heavily inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum and a fantastic narrative to boot, this game should not be ignored. If you still don’t believe us, check out the demo on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. You’ll thank us.

3) Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoningprobably flew under your radar, and this list is here to rectify that. For fans of RPGs, this is the game you’ve been looking for, but probably didn’t know about. One of the main driving points to creating an excellent RPG is perfecting the gameplay mechanics, and this game does just that. For a brand new RPG title, the controls are effortless and don’t take away from the joy of playing the game. The lore of the world is also spectacular. Written by R.A Salvatore, the same writer behind the Forgotten Realms book series, the game draws you in instantly. The graphics are distinct and colourful and the encompassing world is huge. For an emerging game, the content is well worth the $60. This is a must have game for every player out there.

4)Here’s why you should play Spec Ops: The Line; it’s one of the better shooters around. While it’s a pretty big statement to make, there are so many interesting elements to the game which you won’t find in other shooters. The ability to control sand is one of the coolest features. You play in a desert, and can control the sand to use against your enemies. In the same way, though, sandstorms can catch you off guard and make visibility ludicrously limited, if not impossible. The narrative is original, something lacking in many of the shooters today. If you are not playing Spec Ops: The Line right now, well, you should be.

5 Games You Should Be Playing5) There was no hype surrounding The Secret World, nor did it sell many copies. Play it. Play it now. This was one of the best MMO’s I’ve played in years. The incorporation of the illuminati and other conspiracy elements into the narrative provides one of the best gameplay plots created. Like Star Wars, the gameplay is much more action based as opposed to traditional RPG. The cutscenes are fantastic, and with the backing of EA, this game probably won’t go away for a while. The community is also utterly fantastic. One of the pressing issues with many online games is the community you enjoy. It’s receptive and allows for growth, while remaining competitive. The coolest factor to the game are the three groups you can choose to join. You can either be an Illuminati, Dragon, or a Templar and either society provides an interesting take.