Atlus announce new horror title, Daylight

| Jun 7, 2013
Atlus announce new horror title, Daylight - 2013-06-07 14:14:48

Today Atlus announced a new horror title built on Unreal 4, Daylight.

It has been confirmed that the title will come to PC and PS4 exclusively in Q1 2014. The title will take players though the halls of a hospital with only a cell phone as there form of light. It seems to be taking a note from Amnesia and the player will have no way to fight back. It also seems that the title will allow for multiple playthroughs as there will be many ways to overcome the the obstacles. It is also interested to note that Daylight is written by IGN alumni Jessica Chobot.

It has been confirmed that Daylight will use all the new features of the PS4 such as gameplay sharing, support  to capture moments using the console’s integrated PlayStation Eye to share online, share moments online with the “Share” feature and support for RealD 3D. The price for the title has not been determined at this time. The website for the game is live and can be viewed at

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