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The Division is Ubisoft’s Biggest New IP Launch

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| May 12, 2016

There’s no denying Ubisoft’s The Division is a successful property. Generating more than $330 million worldwide in its first five days, it’s the fastest-selling Ubisoft game of all time, with one of the most active communities in the company’s history.

According to Ubisoft’s financial presentation, The Division boasts a registered player base of 9.5 million users, each of whom play for about three hours per day on average.

The Division Is Ubisoft'S Biggest New Ip Launch

Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot said in his presentation both The Division and Far Cry Primal were much more successful than anticipated.

“We ended [fiscal 2016] on a very positive note, having effectively executed our plan… The performances delivered by The Division and Far Cry Primal exceeded our expectations, we continued our major come-back in the multiplayer segment, and we saw a significant increase in player engagement levels for our games.”

The French developer also showed off a list of their biggest IP launches ever, with 2014’s Destiny taking the runner up position behind The Division.

The Division Is Ubisoft'S Biggest New Ip Launch 1

This comes just days after news broke about a possible hostile takeover of Ubisoft by the tech giant Vivendi.