Belkin: For The User On-The-Go

Belkin: For The User On-The-Go 10

Tech manufacturers develop their products for mass market appeal to get as many sales as possible, but by doing so they sometimes fail to cater to the more specific lifestyle needs of the user. That’s why accessory and peripheral companies like Belkin exist. Founded in April of 1983, Belkin’s award-winning legacy specializes in developing product lines for various niche networking, mobile, and computer users. While their large family of trusted brands includes the likes of Linksys and Wemo, this article will be used to highlight what the core branch of the company has been working on for different kinds of Apple product users.

Belkin for Business

Belkin: For The User On-The-Go 3
Belkin Express Dock HD – image for this review credit to CGM Staff.

Starting things off is Belkin’s latest USB-C 3.1 hub, the Express Dock HD, which serves as the perfect single-cable docking solution for business users to enhance their on-the-go lifestyle. Users can connect up to eight devices at once, including the ability to output video at 4K 30Hz, utilize the one gigabit Ethernet port to obtain faster internet speeds, and charge your other various USB-C devices using Belkin’s Power Priority Technology. These features are ideal for business users who utilize their MacBook or notebook as their main workstation, complimenting their device by allowing the user to be prepared to tackle any challenge in the workplace. Currently, the Express Dock HD is the most cost-efficient dock produced by Belkin, Retailing for $229.99 USD.

Belkin: For The User On-The-Go 4
Belkin Stand for Apple Pencil – image for this review credit to CGM Staff.

Stylus users can also go to Belkin for elegant storage solutions like the Stand for the Apple Pencil. Retailing for $29.99 USD, this stand keeps the Apple Pencil upright using fitted silicone, protecting the tip from any kind of harmful damage or falls. The bottom of the aircraft grade aluminium body is also weighted to increase stability.

Belkin for Fitness

Belkin: For The User On-The-Go 6
Belkin Sport-Fit Pro Case – image fro this review credit to CGM Staff.

Belkin caters to fitness-focused users with products like the Sport-Fit Pro case for the iPhone 7/6s/6. Designed to deliver elite performance under the most intense physical activities possible, the Sport-Fit Pro is made of premium water-resistant materials. The double-layered, lightweight fabric moves with the user, providing both a breathable and freely adjustable experience to keep their iPhone secure at all times and unobtrusive to their workout. The Sport-Fit Pro is wide enough to support phones enveloped in lightweight cases and also features convenient cutouts to the audio ports and home button to keep the phone accessible when needed. This product retails for $34.99 USD.

Belkin for Everyday

Belkin: For The User On-The-Go 1
Belkin Rockstar Charger – image fro this review credit to CGM Staff.

Users that are often on-the-go will appreciate Belkin’s line of Rockstar chargers for the iPhone and iPad. These Lightning port capable devices allow the user to charge their device and listen to music at the same time. Retailing for $39.99 USD, the Belkin Rockstar comes in two variants, one for Lightning port headphones and one for traditional 3mm jack headphones. The device also features 12W pass-through, charging the linked device at the fastest speeds possible.

Belkin: For The User On-The-Go 8
Belkin Sheercase for iPhone – image for this review credit to CGM Staff.

Lastly, there are Belkin’s Sheerforce cases for iPhone 8/7. These UV resistant cases retail for a respectable $24.99 USD and are a perfect complement to the user’s smartphone. Not only are they durable and drop resistant from up to two metres, users can even match the colour of case to their device to keep their iPhone looking sharp. The Sheerforce case allows full access to the ports and speakers, while the raised edges protect the screen from scratches and debris damage. Overall, a great protective solution that doesn’t skimp out on stylish design.

Retail versions of the devices reviewed were provided by the manufacturer. You can find additional information about CGMagazine’s ethics and review policies and procedures here.

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