Best Comics to Buy This Week: The WEEKND Shines in Starboy #1

Best Comics to Buy This Week: The WEEKND Shines in Starboy #1 1

This week the Best Comics to Buy list features Netflix’s first foray into the world of comic books, Donny Cates’ second issue of Venom and the launch of Gail Simone’s Plastic Man #1.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: 18Venom #2

Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Ryan Stegman
Published by: Marvel Comics

It’s no secret that Donny Cates is a great writer. From his fantastic Image miniseries God Country to his current runs on Redneck and Babyteeth, Cates is, for my money, the hottest rising writer in the industry today. Now that he is writing exclusively for Marvel, there are a number of exciting projects that he’s working on, and Venom is at the top of that list.

The first issue of Venom set up some interesting threads including Eddie Brock’s symbiote going through changes and the introduction of a team of super-powered Venom-like soldiers. Issue #2 promises to keep the momentum going by shedding some light on the series’ inaugural villain, an ancient horror with the ability to disrupt the Venom symbiote. Cates has a knack for writing emotionally rich, character-focused stories, and artist Ryan Stegman is one of the best action artists in comics today. Simply put, this is a book that you should check out, and one that is more than worth your time.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: 19The Magic Order #1

Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Olivier Coipel
Published by: Image Comics

When you think of Netflix, you probably think of binge-watching TV shows or watching movies that you didn’t like enough to see in theatres. But this week’s The Magic Order #1 marks the beginning of a new venture for the streaming giant: making comic books!

Written by Mark Millar and featuring art by Olivier Coipel, The Magic Order #1 is the start of a six-issue miniseries that reimagines magicians as crime bosses. The series focuses on five magician families that have protected the world from evil for generations, but who are now coming under fire from a mysterious enemy who is picking them off one by one. If the concept and the Netflix pedigree isn’t enough to sell you on this book, then check out some of artist Olivier Coipel’s art because it’s seriously stunning.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: Netflix'S First Comic Book

The WEEKND Presents Starboy #1

Written by: Christos N. Gage, Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye, La Mar Taylor
Art by: Guru eFX
Published by: Marvel Comics

Speaking of unexpected collaborations, this Wednesday also marks the launch of a Marvel comic about Canadian rapper, The WEEKND. Entitled Starboy #1, the series takes place in a city called Alphatron in which a crime lord has unified all the crime families and is wreaking havoc. The problem is that the city possesses no superpowered being that can stand up to the criminals. That is until Starboy comes to town. This series is literally a superhero story starring the WEEKND, and while it remains to be seen if it’s actually any good, the concept is incredibly endearing and a welcome addition to Marvel’s comic book line.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: 20Plastic Man #1

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Adriana Melo
Published by: DC Comics

A few years ago there was a stellar series at DC Comics called Secret Six. The book was written by Gail Simone and featured a team of villains, forced together by a mysterious entity. The series ended up being one of the most heartfelt and hilarious books of the past decade, and it left a comedy sized hole in the comics landscape when it ended. Thankfully, that hole looks like it’s going to be filled this week with the launch of Plastic Man #1, written by none other than Gail Simone herself.

The series revolves around a man named Eel O’Brian, a one time thug and strip club operator who has a run-in with death that grants him the ability to become super stretchy. With his new abilities, O’Brian tries to start a new, more heroic life and is met with a number of hurdles along the way. This series is way overdue, as there hasn’t been a Plastic Man centred story at DC Comics in a while. Furthermore, with artist Adriana Melo joining Simone, it’s not a stretch to call this one a must read.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: Netflix'S First Comic Book 2By Night #1

Written by: John Allison
Art by: Christine Larsen
Published by: Boom Studios

Many of the best young-adult focused comics of the past few years have come from Boom Studios’, Boom Box imprint. Series like Lumberjanes, Giant Days and The Backstagers have consistently told stellar and relatable stories that manage to resonate with their target market in a way that no other publisher has. By Night #1 is the newest addition to the Boom Box lineup and it looks like a whole lot of fun.
Even without knowing the story, the series is already off to a great start thanks to its top-notch creative team. The series is written by Eisner Award-winning author John Allison and features art by Adventure Time artist Christine Larsen. Thankfully though, the premise is also rather interesting as it focuses on a pair of best friends exploring the world in the hopes of becoming filthy rich. However, their plan goes awry when they stumble across a portal full of monsters, magic and a chance at a whole new life. Will they enter the portal and risk their life for a little adventure? Heck yes.

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