Buyers Guide: Best PlayStation 5 Accessories

Buyers Guide: Best PlayStation 5 Accessories 9

With the PlayStation 5 now in the hands of gamers worldwide, it marks the stage of a new console generation. With amble raw horsepower, and new exciting features, the PS5 is only starting to show what it can do in the hands of developers and gamers. So with your new console now setup, it is only expected to want to complete the experience with the best PS5 accessories currently on the market.

While most of what you need to enjoy the PS5 experience is included in the box, as players move to online gaming or taking advantage of all the streaming and media features on offer, a few new accessories will need to be added to the mix to get the most out of your new PlayStation 5. From headphones to cameras, while there are a limited selection of accessories currently on offer, CGMagazine tested the gamut of options and selected the best options currently on the market.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

As accessories go, the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is a core aspect to the PS5 experience. It improves on what the DualShock 4 offered in almost every way and did so in a stylish, sleek looking package. With the new levels of haptic feedback the DualSense makes the experience of playing a game much more tactile and engaging, moving away from simple rumble into a level of immersion all its own.

With USB-C charging, adaptive triggers and a new comfortable design, the DualSense marks a major reason the PS5 is such an exciting console offering. It is a well-built controller that takes even the small details into account, delivering a quality first party offering that will be hard to match. While there is one included with every PlayStation 5, for families or people that want that local co-op availability, a second DualSense is a no brainer, and the first place anyone picking up their new PS5 should look when adding to their gaming setup.

Pulse 3D Wireless headset

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

With multiplayer dominating both console and PC, the need for an amazing headset has never been more important, and thankfully the PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is one of the best yet from Sony. This new PlayStation headset has been engineered to work with the PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio capabilities and has a look that feels right at home next to the PlayStation 5 console.

An Accessory that offers fantastic audio and an overall comfortable feeling design, the PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is a great offering and one tailor made to experience the best the PS5 has to offer. The headset has a built-in microphone, an internal battery that will offer 12 hours of audio on a single charge and works with both the PSVR and PS4’s should the need arise. Looking good and sounding good, if you have a PS5 and need a headset that takes advantage of all the features on offer, this is the best option currently on the market.

DualSense Charging Station

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

With all the new tech in the DualSense Controller, it is only inevitiable it will eventually die if you don’t keep it plugged in, and this is even more true when you have a few controllers kicking around. The DualSense Charging Station is a great solution, letting you always have a controller charging and be at the ready when your DualSense dies while in a game. It is simple to set up, and keeps with the stylish PS5 design while being a continent place to keep controllers when not in use.

With ports at a premium, it is great to not have one dedicated to keeping your DualSense charging, and the DualSense Charging Station ensures up to two controllers are charging at any one time. For anyone that has a family and need to ensure more than one controller is charged at any one time, the DualSense Charging Station is a life savour, ensuring siblings can spend more time enjoying the PS5, and less time fighting over the one charged controller.

PlayStation HD Camera

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

With streaming at the core of the PlayStation 5, and with more people than ever wanting to broadcast their gameplay to the world, the PlayStation HD Camera accessory is a must own to take advantage of these features. It is stylish, and features the iconic PS5 design, and is compatible with all the streaming features currently a part of the PS5 experience.

The PlayStation HD Camera allows for the use of special background removal tools to remove unwanted aspects from the scene, and works with picture-in-picture making settings and other options for cropping and framing. If you are streaming, and want to jump into the games and spend less time messing with systems or external solutions, the PlayStation HD Camera makes the process easy, quick all while offering up professional looking final results.

PS5 Media Remote

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most powerful consoles ever made, and with that in mind, it can indeed be used for more than just games. There are a plethora of streaming apps currently on the PS Store, and if you have the disc version of the PS5, you can enjoy all your favourite Blu-rays. With all this media, you need a remote that makes jumping into a movie or TV show easy, and thankfully, Sony have made the PS5 Media Remote as easy as possible. This little accessory is easy to set up, and even easier to browse all the media on offer. From watching the included services like Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube, to just turning on your console and navigating menus, the PS5 Media Remote is a fantastic addition to any new console setup.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

The Steelseries Arctis 7P headsets have a lot to offer in terms of quality and comfort, especially on your new PlaySation 5. They certainly aren’t the end all be all of headsets, and fussy audiophiles will probably find some frustration when it comes to musical fidelity, but for the price these are well worth the investment. The Arctis 7X is going to be your best bet if you are looking for compatibility across all the devices you may potentially own, but barring Microsoft’s consoles, either would be a fantastic addition to your gaming setup.

Astro A20

Buyers Guide: Best Playstation 5 Accessories

Astro is a name loved by gamers worldwide, so it is great to see there is a A20 headset designed for the PlayStation 5. The A20 Wireless Gen 2 is built to give players freedom while playing games, offering a solid 2.4 GHz signal that can be used even while away from the console. The flip down microphone is easy to use, and ideal to know when the headset is live to the world or not. Best of all, the A20 is a joy to wear during long gaming sessions, and has a battery that will last as long as you do—bringing with it hours of life on a single 3-hour charge. The audio quality is what you would expect from Astro, with a rich audio landscape that works for all games tested. The pre-set audio settings give enough impact while still allowing for nuance in the sound, and while they would not be my go-to option for complex musical audio, they are fantastic for games, movies and most audio experiences.

If you happen to be one of the rare few with both and Xbox Series X/S and a Playstation 5, the Astro A20 also allows for additional USB adapters, so you can use your headphones on both consoles, although this is a separate purchase sadly.

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