Holiday Buyers Guide Week 3

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 3 2

Welcome back for our third week of the Holiday Buyers Guide! The C&G the elves have gathered up their recommendations of what is hot and what is not for this holiday season!

Don’t forget to check out last week’s recommendations here.

Now onto this week’s picks!

Tim – SNES Game lot

I wanted this week’s suggestion for this year’s CGM Holiday Gift Guide to be something special even a little ridiculous. What do you get for that extra special gamer I your life? How about the entire SNES game catalog. That’s right for the modest price of only $25,000. What you get is all 721 games released for the SNES in the US, Mexico and Canada. About 85% of the titles are complete with a game manual and in their original boxes. Their condition does vary by title ranging from “Mint” to “fair”. eBay seller kaisetsuna has stated that they will accept a best offer but so far haven’t found any to their liking. If you’re stuck looking for a gift to knock the socks off the gamer that has everything, I can almost guarantee that they don’t have this beast of a collection. While the $25,000 price tag is a bit much to ask, can you really put a price on the love you feel for that special gamer in your life? Well… Okay maybe you can. Happy Holidays! Check out the $25, 000 auction!

2. Wayne – Okami Plushie

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 3

In my review of Okami HD, I said, multiple times, BUY THIS DAMN GAME. If there’s a special someone in your life that has a PS3 and somehow doesn’t have this game, I highly recommend you rectify this. If, however, that geek in your life doesn’t have access to a PS3 but doesn’t want to miss out on all the Wolf-Luvin’-Fun, there’s always this; an Amaterasu Plushie. That’s right, someone went and made the iconic sun goddess of the hit Capcom game, chibified them, and made them a huggable stocking stuffer. If nothing else, you can chase your cat with this and post it on YouTube. Find the chibi cuteness here.

3. Brendan – Nexus 10

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 3

The holiday season is here and that means people want the latest in tech and gadgets. Google and Samsung have outdone themselves this year with the Nexus 10; the new flagship of the Nexus line of devices, boasting a 10 inch 2560 x 1600 display. Loaded with the latest version of the Google Android operating system and a few movies and books, this tablet makes for a fantastic device at $399 for the 16GB model and $349 for the 32GB.

These tablets are rather rare right now, so sadly anyone you are buying it for may have to wait until after the holidays to get their hands on it. THe Nexus 10 is also rather heavy at 11/3 lbs, so people with a mobile life may want to look at smaller alternatives. Gaming on the Nexus 10 was a pleasure, with the high resolution and a powerful processor under the hood. The Nexus 10 played everything we threw at it beautifully. The colours looked vibrant and with all the games we tested, no slowdown was noticed. Due to it’s size we may suggest using a bluetooth controller for longer gaming sessions, but the large screen and speed more than make up for that. Media viewing and comic viewing are also fantastic, as the text looks crisp and images come out sharp and clear. If there is a comic fan in your life, the Nexus 10 mixed with a subscription to comiXology would make a fantastic gift. With the Nexus 10 sitting at $100 lower than a comparable iPad, it makes a great gift that will not break the bank.


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