The Best AAA PSVR 2 Games You Don’t Have to Wait For

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I’ll say it: the PSVR 2 is short on unique games.

It’s rare for a headset to launch with a renewed interest in virtual reality, as AAA content has taken a backseat to indie studios. Platform-exclusive content is even rarer. Specifically, games that use the PSVR 2’s unique features include eye-tracking, haptic head feedback, and next-generation, life-size graphics.

The latest iteration of PlayStation’s virtual reality platform launched to rave reviews. The headset’s added enhancements have the potential to realize PlayStation’s treasure trove of original universes fully. The PSVR 2 has more than impressed me, not only in terms of control and ease of use. But also for pushing the PlayStation 5 to its hardware limits.

“The PSVR 2 more than impressed me for not only meeting standards with controls and ease of use.”

The PSVR 2 marked the end of its launch window in March 2023. While only a handful of games have managed to stand out among the ports that have skipped past VR headsets. Of course, classics like Job Simulator, Pavlov, Pistol Whip, and No Man’s Sky are welcome additions to a lightweight library. As PlayStation continues to churn out new content, the PSVR 2 has just enough of some new (and old) favourites to keep me going.

Resident Evil Village (VR Mode)

Resident Evil Village 20230222134624

Capcom somehow brought some much-needed AAA goodness to the PSVR 2 without creating a brand-new game on launch day. The developers worked smart, not hard, with an update that introduced the platform’s first killer app. Here are some tweaks to the gunplay. A little next-gen stereoscopic magic there. Somehow, it took a few gameplay tweaks to make Resident Evil Village feel like a true exclusive.

In my second review of the game, Resident Evil Village translates surprisingly well from one first-person format to another. This is thanks to Capcom’s experience in remaking Resident Evil 4 for Meta Quest 2. The result? PSVR 2 players feel incredibly responsive when handling werewolves, vampires, and other ghouls in the Village’s beautiful gothic landscape. Weapons fit perfectly in the hands. Interactive environments and objects draw players deeper into the simulation. Werewolves are life-sized dogs that players can feed with a knuckle sandwich.

Capcom more than nails their exclusive PSVR 2 release. The team is also showing its own promise ahead of another VR makeover with Resident Evil 4 Remake. Players will only reap the benefits of a full-length survival horror shooter that works blissfully over PlayStation’s latest byproduct.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call Of The Mountain 20230217155823

The first-ever PSVR 2 exclusive is a step in the right direction for Horizon fans. PlayStation is finally tapping into one of its most popular IPs while showcasing the power of next-gen VR. This comes with an added showcase for new controls, haptics, and some of the best VR visuals I’ve seen to date.

As I said in my review, Horizon: Call of the Mountain is decent enough to escape the label of a tech demo for PSVR 2. The 6-7 hour campaign offers more than enough climbing to satisfy enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Guerilla still injects the typical Horizon action against robot dinosaurs. Fans of the series will also get some wish fulfillment by exploring the Sundom. But now, without seeing, hearing, and feeling as an active part of the Horizon world.

Call of the Mountain immerses the player even further by incorporating world-building into each new level. It all comes together with a compelling story that reveals more about Horizon’s post-apocalyptic event. Even better, Guerilla is releasing a launch title that proves that any PlayStation IP can be the next simulation. In this case, it’s all about hunting machines and conquering peaks.

New players are also gently introduced to their headsets, with plenty of opportunities to use PSVR 2’s cutting-edge gimmicks. Eye-tracking sheds new light on sunlight and menu navigation. Haptics deepen the gravity of climbing mountains, drawing a bow, and eating an apple. PSVR 2 players should expect nothing less from its biggest launch title.

Moss & Moss: Book 2

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Moss and Moss: Book 2 are older games that were brought in to fill out the PSVR 2 lineup. But players who missed these action-adventure platformers on Meta Quest 2 now have a chance to meet Quill. She’s a tiny but adorable mouse who runs through the pages of an interactive pop-up book. As the magical reader, players can look down on Moss’ miniaturized world and move a few things around to help Quill on her journey.

Moss prioritizes quality over quantity, with only four hours of gameplay. But indie studio PolyArc has meticulously crafted a cozy tale that plays seamlessly. Players are drawn deeper into a Zelda-style narrative that takes place after the kingdom has fallen. Quill and the reader navigate through dungeons from a bird’s eye view. Exploration, combat, and puzzles come together in an adventure that ends all too soon. Players will be impressed by how PolyArc has packed as much detail and depth as possible into the smallest levels.

The sequel ramps up the gameplay with more ways to smash enemies and overcome environmental obstacles. Moss: Book 2 does what a good sequel should do by doubling down on its mechanics. It also takes advantage of PSVR 2’s upscaled graphics for a clean presentation. Quill also gets a few new weapons to use against enemy types. Levels are also improved, with a focus on Metroidvania exploration and finding key items to progress. PSVR 2 players looking for a medieval adventure can start with Moss and Moss: Book 2. Even better, they’re available immediately as part of the launch window.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy'S Edge Enhanced Edition 20230212193935

ILMxLab has found higher ground by adding its ambitious Star Wars game to the PSVR 2 lineup. Players will get the benefit of the doubt, as Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge comes packed with all of its updates and the Last Call expansion. In addition, ILMxLab has taken advantage of PSVR 2’s fast frame rates, upscaled resolution, and haptics to create an authentic journey through the Disneyland-inspired attraction.

Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge also comes closest to delivering an authentic Star Wars experience that only VR can deliver. Like Vader Immortal, players take an active role as a smuggler making his way through the galaxy. But a botched delivery sends the player and his crew to the planet Batuu. The game doesn’t just offer PSVR 2 players and fans a slice of Disneyland. It also brings some of that fantasy to VR with larger-than-life visuals and top-notch effects.

“Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge also comes the closest to delivering an authentic Star Wars experience only VR can pull off.”

Combat comes with top-notch gunplay, while players can train as a Jedi in the game’s flashback sequences. Some unique PSVR 2 additions give players extra activities and Easter eggs straight from the Disneyland attraction. Bar drinks, Ronto Wraps, an inspired Rise of the Resistance level and more.

Players will also explore the bright, sunny regions of Battuu with a variety of quests. Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge boldly blends engaging firefights with the Guavian Death Gang. While Jedi, iconic franchise characters, and Stormtroopers all have a role to play in Batuu. Seezelslak, Batuu’s resident Star Wars lore bartender, guides players through some untold stories that shake up some franchise canon. The additional world-building comes with plenty of action that deepens the Disneyland experience PSVR 2 players can have at home.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

The Dark Pictures: Switchback Vr 20230329200817

PSVR 2’s other original exclusive comes in the form of a replayable roller coaster. The Dark Pictures: Switchback is Supermassive Games’ answer to rail shooters. But not without the studio’s signature brand of horror and jump scares.

Players are trapped on a roller coaster that takes them through a series of fun shoot-em-up gallery levels. But they’re also laid out like haunted set pieces straight out of The Dark Pictures anthology games. Switchback arms players with dual pistols to fend off zombie sailors, vampires, possessed animatronics, and killer mannequins. The result is an authentic haunted house thrill ride with plenty of up-close-and-personal scares. Supermassive’s VR game seamlessly blends set pieces like derelict ships, fiery demon houses, and ancient temples, thanks to The Dark Pictures. Players still won’t be safe as their roller coaster comes to a halt in pitch black while unspeakable evil creeps out of the shadows.

It’s a much more confident sequel than Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, thanks to the added variety and next-gen capabilities of PSVR 2. Eye-tracking is used extensively in combat, specifically for enemies that move closer when players blink. Switchback is also a rollercoaster that plays differently with optional paths. While some smart choices early on lead to a bombastic boss battle. There are just enough Easter eggs to reward brave fans of the previous games. More importantly, Switchback scratches the itch for fun amusement park scares that are fully realized by taking away personal space and throwing in a few roller coaster drops.

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