Most Innovative of CES 2023 Awards

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CES is the convention that everyone keeps an eye on to see the latest and greatest that the tech industry has to offer. Many companies take this opportunity to unveil their newest product launches, and some use it to gain funding for new ideas, but part of what we love is seeing what changes are coming to various areas in the industry to really push things forward in new and exciting ways. Many companies aim to be the Best of CES, but there is another award that is just as coveted: Most Innovated of CES. 

Innovation is the key to new technological advances, but it’s also the key to improving things that are already here. So what does it take to earn CGMs Most Innovative of CES 2023? Surprise us. This could mean giving us something we didn’t know we needed, changing our minds about something we didn’t want, or bringing quality of life to new or existing devices to simply make things better.

To us, innovation doesn’t have to be something we have never seen before. It needs to be something we have never seen done this well before. Solve a problem we didn’t know we had. Make something that makes us say, “Why didn’t we think of that before?” Our Most Innovative of CES 2023 award winners are those we couldn’t stop talking about and those we hope to become mainstream ideas going forward.

Here are CGMs Most Innovative of CES 2023 winners, in no particular order:

The Frame TV

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Samsung has long been a staple in home electronics. From mobile phones to projectors to screens, chances are high that several people you know are loyal to the brand. With The Frame, Samsung aims to take the futuristic look out of our televisions, allowing them to stand out as art pieces when not being used for streaming, gaming or the like.

At Samsung’s First Look at CES 2023, the show floor was filled with screens at every turn. It was a stunning sight, but one we would come to see with other popular brands throughout the event. That was until we saw The Frame. 

Between the two of us, we debated from afar whether or not it was an actual screen we were looking at or a frame designed to go around one, currently displaying a piece of art. It was, in fact, a screen (trust me, I poked it!), but its matte finish made the painting on-screen look like an original piece of art, not even a print. 

The ability to hide electronics has been around for ages, between cabinets, covers, and even hiding them in countertops. Hiding a TV in plain sight the way The Frame does—flawlessly and stunning—is a fresh and innovative idea, earning it our Most Innovative of CES 2023 award.


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Children’s headphones are something I cherish dearly. Between listening to the constant chaos of two children with tablets, and long drives to visit inlaws, they aren’t a luxury, they are a requirement. Usually, they are connected to a tablet, smartphone or handheld gaming device to save us from the constant “Are we there yet?” line of questioning.

However, many parents don’t want their kids on screens at all, never mind for long periods of time. But in a world where almost everything involves a screen—even LEGO sometimes—it’s hard to get away from, especially when you’re desperate. That is why I was so impressed when I came across StoryPhones at CES 2023, made by ONANOFF.

My children use BuddyPhones already, a pair of volume-controlled, Bluetooth headphones made by the same company, and we love them. StoryPhones are a little different. They are still a quality pair of headphones, but they also use something called Shields to keep your child entertained without the screens. 

StoryShields will read your children a story, and they are priced about the same as a book. PlayShields allows you to record your own voice to read or sing or talk to your child—perfect for Grandma to read them a story. There are also ZenShields, which play soothing sounds, much like a noise machine, to help calm and relax your child. 

As a parent, coming across StoryPhones at CES 2023, I was really impressed and immediately knew I would want to award them Most Innovative of CES 2023. Trying to help children come away from screens and bring them back to stories and their imagination while the rest of the world is charging toward them is exactly what we need. I can see StoryPhones leading to better sleep, calmer kids, and relaxing car rides.

Samsung Bespoke Home

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Home appliances have always been a stand out in our kitchens and laundry rooms. Usually, these rooms will be expertly designed, only to have a giant hunk of metal in the middle of the room. Samsung has come a long way with its Bespoke line, allowing for designer-quality appliances across the home.

Not only can you choose which style of appliance you’d like, like three-door, four-door or one-door columns, but you can choose the colour panels that cover each door, either all the same or different colours for each panel. This adds personality and even organization to our appliances and rooms. These panels can also be completely customized, with Disney designs shown off at Samsung’s First Look at CES 2023.

Not only is Samsung turning these appliances into thoughtful designs—and definitely conversation pieces—but they don’t ask you to sacrifice functionality in order to make them look good. You can include smart panels that give your appliance touchscreen functions like calendars, check recipes, or even look inside your fridge from wherever you are.

Samsung’s Bespoke line covers refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and more, and even uses AI power behind them. Allowing users to truly express themselves through design and still allowing for premium features like their Family Hub technology makes for useful, beautiful rooms for any home, gaining it our Most Innovative of CES 2023.

Razer Edge (2023)

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Today, gamers can enjoy console-quality controls on the go with a variety of solutions, from the Backbone One controller for phones to dedicated Android handhelds like the Logitech G Cloud. However, each of these offers some compromises that may impact gameplay – such as quickly draining phone battery or lack of 5G for playing in real-world environments. Razer has unveiled the Razer Edge, a gaming handheld that they tout as “the ultimate gaming handheld,” retailing at $399. With this futuristic device, Razer seeks to revolutionize the gaming experience. It promises to be the ultimate portable gaming solution.

At CES 2023, Razer’s new device is proving to be the most promising take on mobile gaming consoles that have been seen yet. While it may not meet everyone’s needs or budget, it certainly appears to be the best option for those looking for a dedicated mobile gaming experience.

The Razer Edge brings the best of handheld gaming to the palm of your hand. Boasting a 6.8-inch tablet with an impressive AMOLED display and a detachable Razer Kishi V2 Pro controller, this compact device offers a truly Nintendo Switch-like experience for Android and cloud-based games. From the little time I’ve spent with it, the Kishi V2 Pro’s controls and the overall package impressed me with how comfortable and fluid the full experience was. 

As with any piece of mobile tech, it will not be for everyone, but Razer has done enough right to show the potential and push the concept forward in a lot of smart ways. With the Steam Deck and many others hitting the market targeting the gamer looking to be released from the chain of the desk, it is advancements made here by Razer that will help usher in new ways to play, and that is a good thing for everyone. 

LG Signature OLED M3 TV

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Every year during CES, there is something that has everyone talking. Be it from the concept or just how it is executed, these are the devices that sit with journalists and the public long after the show closes its doors. This year, it was hard to go to any part of CES without people talking about LG’s new wireless TV, the Signature OLED M3.

What once may have been science fiction is getting closer to reality, with the TV able to connect to external devices, all without the need of wires cluttering up the look or concept the TV evokes in your space.

The Zero Connect box, which allows the Wireless OLED to function, offers three HDMI ports equipped with 4K and 120Hz capabilities and USB and antenna inputs. This means that users can easily connect their usual devices, such as cable boxes, game consoles, or 4K Blu-ray players, to view content on the OLED display.

While still very much an aspirational product, the LG Signature OLED M3 is something that sparks the imagination and dominates the discussion. Even if it is not the TV you end up owning in the next five years, it will be something people talk about for years to come, especially with the vibrant picture, incredibly thin design, and an all-around stunning-looking vision of what an OLED TV could be moving forward.

Predator Helios 300 Spatiallabs Edition Laptop

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Watching movies in 3D has always been a gimmick in my eyes. Throwing on the glasses in the theatre was more of an inconvenience than anything, but we did it because it was new and fun. Acer has teamed up with Spatiallabs to take the glasses out of 3D, bringing a gaming experience that I didn’t think was possible, especially on a laptop.

The Predator Helios 300 Spatiallabs Edition was on the show floor in the Microsoft booth at CES 2023. The laptop itself stopped me since a good gaming rig always catches my eye. But what Spatiallabs brings to the table is game-changing. With a few buttons pressed, the game in front of me became entirely 3D. Not the arrows shooting at you kind of 3D, but the kind that adds depth to a game.

For the first time, I wanted  3D. It didn’t feel like a gimmick, it felt like the next step in gaming, and I am here for it. The Predator Helios 300 Spatiallabs Edition uses eye-tracking, drivers and shaders and AI-accelerated conversion to bring real-time conversions from 2D to 3D while playing a game live. 

While playing, the game felt flawless. There were no glitches, and running around in the forest felt as smooth as playing in 2D. What’s better is that you can toggle this on and off as you choose, giving the best of both worlds. This could change the game and definitely wins Most Innovative of CES 2023.

K2S Projector

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CES always brings its fair share of projects to the show floor. With people always looking for new ways to enjoy media, a projector gives that new level of freedom without needing to build a room around the activity of TV watching. While there are plenty of options in the market, few hit the price point and offer the wide range of features that make the K2s Projector from Yaber so exciting and something that could make projectors far more exciting for the average buyer.

Equipped with NFC technology and Amazon Alexa voice control, you can easily project video from your phone and adjust volume and settings to your desired level. The K2s also features Intelligent Screen Adaptation technology that takes care of focusing and screen adjustment for perfectly clear images every time. There are plenty of inexpensive projectors, but few bring smart features and provide an exceptional picture to make them worth most people’s time. 

The K2s is also incredibly bright, boasting 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness – perfect for watching movies or gaming, even in rooms with background lighting. With a built-in independent sound chamber and JBL speakers with DOLBY compatibility, you’ll get crisp and clear audio without the need for extra speakers. Plus, an integrated dongle gives you access to a range of apps making the K2 an incredibly versatile projector made to fit a range of uses and needs. With a sub-$600 price tag, Yaber is showing what is possible without breaking the bank or the need for quality. 

Rolling Square’s Edge Pro

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Rolling Square is a brand that caught my eye going into CES 2023 for its inCharge “swiss army knife” of chargers. I thought that it would make at least one of my CES lists this year until I saw their Edge Pro. The company built on their original Edge design, a metal magnet that can attach to the back of your laptop, and from there, attach your phone, their Edge Light, Edge Wireless Charger, or whatever other metallic devices you may need.

The Edge Pro, however, can go so much further than that. The magnets are larger and more adjustable. They are also strong enough to hold a tablet to give you a second screen. From here, you can still attach their charger or right light, but there will be more flexibility in terms of location, angles and magnet strength.

Because of the angles the Edge Pro allows, you aren’t limited to just using the device on your laptop. Other uses they demonstrated are phone or tablet stands and connecting to your phone to use the Edge Light for photography. The magnets are MagSafe compatible, so they are available for use with the latest iPhones, and there are magnets included for other devices.

The Edge Pro is extremely thin and incredibly strong, which makes it perfect for on-the-go use. After being backed on sites like IndieGoGo for almost $1 million, it is clear that Rolling Square’s Edge Pro is going to be popular. Its simplicity, quality and variety of uses earn the Edge Pro our Most Innovative of CES 2023 award.

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus Earbuds

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CES is about more than flashy lights and amazing cars, with brands using the time to show off some products that can vastly improve people’s lives in a variety of ways. Sennheiser did just that with their new Conversation Clear Plus earbuds, giving an easy way for people that are finding it harder to hear while out to never miss part of the conversation.

It may sound like a minor thing, but when you go to a restaurant or attend a show like CES, the background noise and constant bustle can make it nearly impossible to enjoy time with friends or family. Missing half a conversation can be a frustrating experience and can be embarrassing, especially when you go out to enjoy the time away from work and the stresses of everyday life. 

This is why the Conversation Clear Plus earbuds are such a memorable device from CES 2023. These headphones give a hassle-free way for people to communicate and give those who may not be ready for earring aids a way never to feel left out of the conversation. Not cheap, they provide something so important in today’s technological world, a way to keep that vital human connection going strong. 

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist

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The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist was one of the most unusual laptops at CES 2023. The most recent ThinkBook Plus model combines cutting-edge OLED technology with an eye-catching twist hinge that is reminiscent of the original 2-in-1 laptop hybrids. This laptop will stand out from the crowd because of its combination of brilliant OLED and colour E Ink.

On one side of the screen, you will find an impressive 13.3-inch OLED display with a 2.8K native resolution, touch input and stylus pen support, 400-nit brightness, 100% DCI-P3 colour-gamut coverage and Dolby Vision HDR support. While good in its own right, things get more interesting when you flip the screen, where you will find a 12-inch colour E Ink display, making this device ideal for typing documents without straining your eyes or jotting down notes with the included pen.

I have long been a lover of E Ink for typing, reading or anything to do with text. It may be horrible for anything to do with graphics, thanks to its refresh rate, but the ease of reading makes it ideal for text-based work.

It is this sort of innovation that helps move computing forward. Each of these display technologies may have disadvantages, but the combination makes the ThinkBook Plus Twist an ideal choice for a professional or anyone looking to get the most out of their portable device. Launching this June, the ThinkBook Plus Twist will hit with a starting price of $1,649. The innovative device is sure to appeal to tech-savvy consumers looking for an advanced laptop-tablet hybrid.

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