The MSI Titan GT77: The Gaming Laptop to Beat


This year’s MSI Titan GT77 Series is like the Holy Grail for gamer enthusiasts. It’s got a desktop-class CPU, maxed-out memory, the fastest possible GPU, all the storage you could ever want, a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard, and a high refresh-rate display. It is a gaming monster, and for someone looking to have the best gaming experience while on the go, the MSI Titan GT77 could be your next laptop. 

The Titan GT77 is slimmer and sleeker than its predecessor, the Titan GT76. It has an all-black design that measures 23 mm thick, compared to the Titan GT76’s 42 mm thickness. MSI has placed most of the processing and cooling components towards the rear of the chassis, which contributes to the reduced thickness.

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The MSI Titan GT77 comes with a more subtle light show than the GE76 Raider, with 27 RGB LEDs at the rear exhaust vents. There’s also a short, parallel RGB strip on the rear intake vents just behind the display. Two more exhausts are present, each on either side of the laptop.

The Titan GT77’s port selection is slightly different but still up to par with the Titan GT76. It also includes the latest connectivity standards you would expect from an enthusiast gaming laptop in 2022. There are plenty of ports on offer, from full-size USB-A, USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI, and many more. For everyone looking to connect to Wi-Fi, the Titan GT77 comes equipped with a Killer Wi-Fi 6E AX1675i WLAN card to give the best wireless performance possible. 

MSI laptops are known for their masterfully built keyboards, and the Titan GT77 is no exception, featuring a SteelSeries keyboard with exclusive Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical switches and per-key RGB lighting. Not only does the keyboard feature tactile feedback, fast response, and a crisp typing sound, but a number pad and fingerprint sensor are on board along with a touchpad that is 60% larger. 

The Titan GT77 features a gorgeous 17.3″ UHD, Anti-Glare Wide View Angle 4K 120Hz Thin Bezel to enjoy media on and boasts great colour and clear visuals, all while being fast enough to appeal to hardcore eSports players. It is great to see MSI putting effort into making their top-end gaming laptop performance-focused for both gamers and creators.

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The GT77 features top-of-the-line specs, including an RTX 3080 Ti packed with 16 GB GDDR6 for graphics, 32 GB DDR5 and a 2 TB NVMe SSD to keep things running smoothly. On the CPU front, it is outfitted with a Core i9-12900HX 8+8 Core, which should be able to tackle any task you can throw at it. This desktop grade CPU shows off why laptop-centric chips for gaming often don’t get the job done right. 

The real story here, though, is the core of the computer. There is a reason this laptop is big, and that is the cooling and power under the hood. The 55W Intel processor and RTX 3080 Ti will work together to create an amazing gaming and work experience. This is paired with thermals that work overtime to keep the laptop cool and quiet even when you are playing a particularly challenging game of Overwatch 2 or trying out the latest Call of Duty maps in Warzone. Also, with bright RGB lighting, aggressive angles, and more than enough cooling potential, the Titan GT77 will bring the ultimate gaming experience. 

“The MSI Titan GT77 aims to be one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market.”

The exhaust vents on this laptop are like a never-ending rainbow of colours. They line the entire back edge of the laptop, and there’s even some built-in and customizable RGB lighting to go along with them. But that’s not all—there are also exhaust vents on both sides of the laptop. And if that’s not enough, the bottom of the laptop has some enormous intake vents. Plus, there’s a secondary intake on the top of the chassis just behind the lid. So basically, this laptop is a party on wheels—and one that’ll keep you cool even when the going gets tough.

The MSI Titan GT77 aims to be one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market. It will handle intensive games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Spider-Man: Remastered with ease. Featuring the ability to push Ray Tracing, even in the latest games, is astounding, even more so when you realize you can take this gaming monster anywhere you go.

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The MSI Titan GT77 is MSI’s newest gaming laptop that comes with the MSI Center software pre-installed. The software has a Hardware Monitoring page which lets you keep an eye on key stats like usage, fan speed and temperatures. You can also use the MSI Center software to set up performance modes for specific games. For example, you can toggle settings like Windows key use, webcam shutter, GPU hybrid switching mode and more.

There has always been a gap between a gaming laptop and a desktop PC, but with the MSI Titan GT77, this gap is smaller than ever. The GT77 aims to be the fastest gaming laptop on the market while delivering a great gaming experience in a portable form factor. 

With unique aggressive styling and a cooling system made to keep things running well even under load, few laptops can match what this beast is throwing down. It’s designed for gamers, creators, and designers who need a ton of power that can be easily transported. 

Buyers can find the   Titan GT77 12UGS-009 available now at Memory Express: and, with the Titan GT77 12UGS-007 available now at Memory Express: and Right now, the GT77 comes bundled with an MSI 128 GB Dual Drive, MSI Lucky Figure Keychain, M99 mouse, and MSI backpack!

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