Predictions of What We’ll See from Microsoft at E3 2017

Predictions of What We'll See from Microsoft at E3 2017

E3 is coming, and that means there is no shortage of rumours flying around about what will and won’t be shown. Here at CGMagazine, we’ve sat down and put our heads together and have made a list of what we think Microsoft might show this year. Let’s take a look at what we think might be shown at this year’s conference.

Sea of ThievesPredictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 5

Shown off for the last two years, Sea of Thieves sails through Microsoft’s E3 presentations. Promising users with a high seas adventure where players could make a name for themselves, Sea of Thieves was off to a great start. Since then, Sea of Thieves has gone Early Access on PC giving eager players the chance to set sail. This year, we’re looking at Rare to showcase just how far they’ve come in the game’s development, and maybe announce an official release date. With the promise of a chance to create our own pirate legends, and to be able to set sail on a ship with a crew of friends, we can’t wait to set sail.

State of Decay 2

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 7

Announced last year as an Xbox and Windows exclusive, this zombie survival game is due out sometime this year. Promising a community of characters for players to manage, a unique story for each player, and a world that remembers the choices you make, State of Decay 2 is shaping up to be the next great game for player’s looking for their zombie killing fix. Did we mention the game has online co-op where you and three friends can work together to try and survive the zombie hordes? We’re keeping an eye on this one.


Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 9

This game was announced way back at Microsoft’s 2014 E3 conference. Since then, Cuphead has been plagued with delays and pushbacks as the developers really fine tune the game. Expect this game to lead Microsoft’s “Xbox Live Creators Program” segment that aims to highlight all the amazing indie games coming to Xbox. Here at CGMagazine, we got to try out Cuphead. This game has been on our radar for a while now and it would be amazing to finally get a release date.

Crackdown 3

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 11

Crackdown 3 is another game that was first announced back at E3 2014. Last year, Crackdown was given a 2017 release date. Given that it has been radio silence on the game since the announcement, there’s a good chance it might be a headline game for Microsoft this year. With planned physical and destructible environments, it’s quite possible that Scorpio will have the power needed for this game. Waiting for the release of Scorpio would make sense for why Crackdown has been delayed this long. Here’s hoping that Crackdown makes an appearance this year.

We Happy Few

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 12

This game took all of us at E3 on a trip to a drugged-out world when it was showcased at last year’s presentation. Placing us in a world where everyone is happy and joy is taken as a pill, We Happy Few has players trying to blend in and survive as they uncover just how unhappy its world is. Taking a different direction from traditional survival horror games, and forcing players to blend in with a twisted society, We Happy Few looks like a fresh take on the survival horror genre that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Here’s hoping developer Compulsion Games takes us back to Wellington Wells at this year’s E3.

Project Scorpio

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 13

So this one isn’t really a game, but Microsoft has been teasing the newest member of their Xbox line for a long while now. Featuring 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and promising a true 4K gaming experience, it will be nice to finally get a full release of this console. Between the development kits being released and a string of teaser trailers for the console that have been posted on the Xbox Twitter telling viewers to tune into the Xbox E3 conference, it’s pretty safe to assume Scorpio is making an appearance.


Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Microsoft Xbox At E3 2017 14

In 2015, Microsoft came on stage to show us Minecraft being played on their mixed reality glasses. HoloLens was absent from last year’s E3 but that doesn’t mean that development on it has stopped. With Scorpio on the horizon, will Microsoft’s new console have the power to bring HoloLens into our living rooms? Seeing HoloLens at this year’s E3 would really compliment Microsoft’s goal of bringing gamers the latest and strongest technology.

These are just a few of the titles we think Microsoft are going to feature in their presentation this year. What do you think of our choices? Think we missed something or think we’re wrong? Let us know what your picks are for this year’s E3.

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