Want to Play Pokémon TCG? Here’s How!

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Pokemon is already considered as a pop culture icon, with the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) being one of the offshoots of its popularity. Even after almost two decades in the scene, Pokemon TCG remains to have numerous fans all over the globe. If this game piqued your interest, then read on to know its mechanics and how to play it.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics of Pokemon TCG is quite easy to understand. In this case, you as a player will also act as a Pokemon trainer. To play the game, you need to come up with a deck that is composed of 60 cards, including your most valuable Pokemon cards, trainer cards, as well as your energy cards. You and your opponent can battle up to six Pokemon at a time, using your cards to exploit the elemental weaknesses of your opponent. The hit points in the card signify the amount of damage that your Pokemon card will be able to endure before it is completely knocked out.

Game Cards

  • Pokémon Cards

There are several cards involved in a Pokemon TCG, including the Pokemon cards, as well as the trainer and energy cards. Your Pokemon cards are your most important assets in your deck. You are allowed to have as many as four Pokemon cards bearing the same name if you deem that this Pokemon will work best with your game’s synergy.

  • Trainer Cards

A deck also includes trainer cards that will provide you with the support that you need to win the game. Like with the Pokemon cards, you can also have up to four copies of the same trainer cards in a single deck.

  • Energy Cards

You also need to include energy cards in your deck. They will be the ones who will fuel your Pokemon cards later on. Thus, you can attach an energy card to each of your Pokemon at play but choosing which energy card to attach can be one of the most crucial decisions that you may need to make. Keep in mind that there are eleven types of energy cards which include grass, fire, water, and lightning to name a few. There are also basic and special energy cards that pose additional special effects.

Game Strategies

To win a Pokemon TCG, you can employ various strategies and techniques. One of these is by doing moves that will lead you to take all of your opponent’s prize cards. Another way is to focus on making your opponent’s deck run out of cards. In this way, he can no longer draw any more cards for battle. You can also focus on ensuring that your opponent no longer has a Pokemon in play.

Want To Play Pokémon Tcg? Here'S How!
Pokémon TCG

Final Word

The overall mechanics of Pokemon TCG is quite easy to grasp. Nevertheless, for you to gain a competitive edge, you need to pick the right deck and learn how to evolve your basic Pokemon into a powerful stage one or stage two Pokemon. Rest assured that as soon as you master the valuable techniques of the game, you will come out successful in each of your plays.

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