More Rumours About Fantastic 4

More Rumours About Fantastic 4

Well, it’s not really a surprise at this point that Fantastic 4 was a complete mess. From the acting, to the editing, to the script, it was pretty awful. So bad in fact, that CGM’s Phil Brown got the chance to see it and gave it a 5/10. And if you’ve seen the movie (sorry you did that) it’s pretty obvious that something behind the scenes went wrong. According to that’s exactly what happened.

Citing an insider source, the allegations run wild on director Josh Trank. While no one is actually coming forward to confirm these accusations, it’s believed that Trank basically cut himself off from the outside world, putting a tent over his monitor. There are also rumours that his dog completely destroyed the house he rented to film the movie in. Keep in mind, these are only rumours and no one directly involved with the movie has said a word. But the director isn’t the only person at fault here. Allegedly, the studio only made the movie out of contractual obligations to keep the Fantastic Four property, and they rushed the entire process.

If true, this story is kind of shocking. It was clear that some background corporate shenanigans held the movie back from being something truly great. And it’s like there’s some truly unhealthy behaviour between studio and talent. With that being said, there isn’t a ton of credibility to these rumours, all we know is a bad movie was released, and that happens all the time. The only difference between this and other movies is the name attached. It’s depressing to see a beloved franchise like Fantastic 4 get another bad movie, but maybe its concept doesn’t lend itself to the silver screen as well as its other comic counterparts. Maybe the director went crazy and the studio is a property gremlin holding onto the rights of a series they don’t care enough about to make a quality movie, but that sounds a little extreme. We can point the finger wherever we want, but until someone actually lends credibility to these rumours, they’re just theories.

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