Boom Beach: Frontlines Preview — Tons of Quick Mobile Action

Boom Beach: Frontlines Preview — Tons of Quick Mobile Action 2
| October 18, 2021

The Boom Beach universe began with the launch of the MMO strategy game from Supercell in March 2014. The developers were already successful with Clash of Clans but wanted to offer audiences a different setting from a medieval-fantasy backdrop to a military battlefield. UK-based developer, Space Ape, brings a refreshing, evolved battlefield experience with Boom Beach: Frontlines.

Last week, I was able to attend a preview presentation with Game Lead at Space Ape, Nick Mansdorf, who presented and explained the core features of the game. Mansdorf opened with explaining the vision of the project, “[Boom Beach: Frontlines] is a mobile take on battlefield in the world of Boom Beach.” The developers knew they wanted to create a top-down, stick-shift shooter to play on-the-go but needed a backdrop. This is where they partnered with Supercell to expand its iconic universe and blend the best of both companies.

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Players can expect to see Boom Beach characters like the Rifleman (Assault), Heavy and Zooka and Medic troops — and new soldiers in this new game like Sniper and Cluster. The gameplay features a 9 vs 9 conquest/control point game mode. This means teams are fighting to control each site by sitting within the capture point area while trying to fend off the enemy team.

The unique aspect of this version of conquest for me is the fact that after the site is under friendly control, the team can build autonomous defenses from points they rack up by either killing enemies or assisting in team objectives. The defenses include Cannons, Machine Guns and Sniper Towers.

“Players can expect to see Boom Beach characters like the Rifleman (Assault), Heavy and Zooka and Medic troops—and new soldiers in this new game like Sniper and Cluster.”

Vehicles like the 4×4 and Armored Car are another great addition to the mobility of the game, whether it’s helping to defend or attack a point or traversing across the map a little but faster. The player begins each match by picking a character before spawning in and taking a point. Victory is achieved either when one team captures both control points over 10 seconds, or if the timer runs out, the first team to have their site neutralized by the other team loses.

Boom Beach: Frontlines Preview — Tons Of Quick Mobile Action 1

Another interesting feature of the game is its “Boom Pass”, which is $14.99 for their version of a battle pass. It offers players the chance to earn bonus rewards and the opportunity to play as the new character, Cluster. But even without the Boom Pass, players can still take advantage of the free Boom Boxes that give players upgrades for their troops.

I really think the game has a great core that matches the platform it’s on. The matches are super short, about 4-8 minutes a match. There’s going to be 20 maps in frequent rotation, so players can expect a change of scenery throughout the day. The load times have been quick and provide a great experience when I take my breaks in-between work and commuting. The team at Space Ape created a promising hit with this mobile game as it brings everything players love about shooters and the conquest game mode they are familiar with but condensing it for easy pick-up gaming sessions.

Boom Beach: Frontlines is soft launching in Canada on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s Android’s iOS Store on October 19, 2021.

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