Saints Row: The Third Has Never Looked This Good

Saints Row: The Third Has Never Looked This Good 1

Back in 2011, when the console landscape was littered with open-world experiences, Saints Row: The Third was a breath of fresh air. It had offered a fresh take on a stale formula, making the focus more mayhem and fun, rather than the byproduct of the game style. Now around nine years since the first release, Deep Silver is getting ready to launch Saints Row: The Third Remastered, and it is looking stunning.

Saints Row: The Third Has Never Looked This Good 1
Saints Row: The Third Remaster – Preview Screenshots Provided by Deep Silver

Taking the reigns of the Third Street Saints at the height of their power and influence, Saints Row: The Third Remastered is a game that puts chaos and fun as the focus. With the Saints now a brand name, Stilwater is theirs to control. From Johnny Gat bobbleheads to Saints energy drinks, it is hard to get away from how big the Saints franchise has become. But with fame, comes enemies, and this notoriety has brought the wrath of the Syndicate, a global criminal enterprise that demands all others bow to their will.

It is now up to the Saints to travel to Steelport and bring the fight to the Syndicate in the most pretentious way possible. From Tanks, a satellite-targeted airstrike, and even rocket launchers, this is a fight that will be as much entertaining as it will be destructive. Thanks to the remastering work of Sperasoft, the game has never looked better, and the explosions even more detailed.

Saints Row: The Third Has Never Looked This Good
Saints Row: The Third Remaster – Preview Screenshots Provided by Deep Silver

In a hands-off look, the team behind the game gave a peek at what the final release will look like when it releases on May 22nd. The city of Steelport has never looked more comprehensive. From the landscape to the use of modern shaders and textures, Sperasoft has worked their magic to bring this mid-generation PS3/Xbox 360 game into something that can stand next to a current title, and still turn heads.

With over 4,000 updated models and assets, Saints Row: The Third Remastered brings the look of this classic, outrageous title to the modern generation. From the new lighting effects, updated models, and retextured environments, Steelport has never looked this good, or this vibrant.

Saints Row: The Third Has Never Looked This Good
Saints Row: The Third Remaster – Preview Screenshots Provided by Deep Silver

Saints Row: The Third was the game that first excited me about the series. While the second game in the franchise, was notable for its time, it always felt like a knock-off GTA. With the third installment, the developers found their groove, and leaned into the insanity to build something interesting with a fun narrative, and ensured gameplay always was the primary focus. While yes, it did have a few missions that dragged on, the overall focus always felt lively, entertaining, and never punished the plater for experimentation.

Gameplay thankfully remains unchanged, keeping with the bombastic gameplay formula people know and love from the series. With chaotic missions, over the top personalities, and a protagonist you mold into who you want, this is a game that never lets a serous story get in the way of the game.

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To this end, Deep Silver has also included all the DLC that Saints Row: The Third received in its lifetime, including the Saints package. With this, along with the base game all set to release at a USD 39.99 price point, it is the ideal game for anyone looking to kill time inside, or just get their mind off of the world.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered could not hit at a better time. With major tent pole releases pushed further and further into the future, it is good to find a game that embraces the ridiculous. Slated to hit May 22rd on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Saints Row: The Third Remastered is set to usher more people into the world of the Saints, all in a way that has never looked more vibrant. While it is hard to say how the final game will look when it hits stores, and digital shelves, if what is on display so far is anything to go on, this should be a fresh take on a classic game. And I, for one, am excited to jump right back into Steelport to see what mayhem I can bring.

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