Upcoming ‘Weapon X’ Comic Looks Exciting

Upcoming 'Weapon X' Comic Looks Exciting

With today marking the day the critically acclaimed Logan passes a $500 Million worldwide box-office milestone, it is clear that the Wolverine franchise is in a place it has never been. This makes the news of further info regarding the upcoming Weapon X comic even juicier. Today, artist Greg Lands reveals some art and plans for the issue releasing next month and so far, so good.

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For those who don’t know, Marvel is currently working on this brand new world they’re calling RESURRXION, which is picking up right when the Inhumans vs X-Men story arc culminates. The majority of the RESURRXION issues will be concentrating on seeing Xavier’s students grow in a world where they are coexisting with humans and fighting more as heroes as opposed to as outlaws being hunted. With the exception of Cable, Weapon X will be the only story to take place in this new world while still straying slightly from Xavier’s main cast of students.

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The real fun here comes in the form of Weapon X’s character roster whose members are littered across cinematic Marvel interpretations for the past few years. This includes Lady Deathstrike from 2003’s X2, Sabretooth similar to how he appears in 2009’s Origins, Nuke who we have seen as his Netflix alter-ego Will Simpson in Jessica Jones, a slightly grown-up Laura from Logan, Domino who will be played by Zazie Beetz in the upcoming Deadpool 2, and of course our two favourite new (but old) anti-heroes to hit the silver screen; Deadpool and Old Man Logan.

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As a matter of fact, Old Man Logan may be looking older than ever. According to artist Greg Lands, “I really am working to make his face look older; not just adding a few lines for wrinkles, but getting the feel of a man that has many miles of hard road under his belt.” With this marking the first time artist Greg Lands and writer Greg Pak have collaborated since the highly rated Phoenix Endsong arc, it’s sure to be an amazing story hitting shelves April 12, 2017.

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