Destiny 2 Exotics To Acquire Before ‘The Witch Queen’ Expansion

| November 30, 2021

With the Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion is on the horizon many players will need to prepare for the exciting expansion. These exotics can help aspiring guardians reach new heights.

Since the announcement of the Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion, guardians have flocked to the ‘season of the lost’ like no other season in Destiny 2 before. As this season comes to a close, however, the expansion that was announced before this season was announced.

With an entirely new story that features a brand-new albatross of a villain and the impending return of Destiny‘s Gjallarhorn, guardians may be looking to obtain some of the most desired exotic weaponry to up their arsenal before the hive invades. Below are some of the best exotic weapons to obtain before the expansion arrives to assure players will be effective guardians before the season ends.

Exotic Weapons To Acquire

  • The Vex Mythoclast Fusion Rifle is an absolute no-brainer, and is possibly one of the ‘must haves’ in the exotic list of Destiny 2. The issue with this Fusion rifle is the raid to obtain it is quite difficult and without a team that is properly outfitted, but once obtained from the Vault of Glass raid, it is a beast of a weapon, especially after receiving significant buffs, making it overpowered in the current meta.
Destiny 2' Is Nerfing Vex Mythoclast And Festival Farming
  • The Anarchy heavy grenade launcher is also one of those necessary ingredients to the high DPS output pool. Considering it only takes a bit of a grind to purchase one from the exotic kiosk, obtaining one isn’t as hard as the aforementioned fusion rifle. The sticky feature for the Anarchy allows a fireteam to melt their adversaries with slug shotguns and snipers that can effectively utilize its perks.
  • Lastly, The Lament is a sword weapon that can be considered essential to always have. A storyline quest on Europa allows players to wield this circuit board, and it’s shield piercing ability really makes it a need. The easy quest line allows most guardians to acquire it with ease, and for Destiny 2 this is a must.

Notable Mentions:

  • Divinity Trace Rifle
  • One Thousand Voices Fusion Rifle
  • Eyes of Tomorrow Rocket Launcher
  • Trinity Ghoul Combat Bow

These are all exceptional weapons in Destiny 2, but they require defeating very hard raid material, or in the case of the Trinity Ghoul, simple luck. If obtaining these is possible, all guardians should have them.

Exotic Armor Pieces To Acquire

  • Warlock: The Stag Helmet. This was widely regarded as the worst exotic for the Warlock class in Destiny 2, but the season of the lost adjusted this to an ample degree, allowing it to shine. Before, it would only drop a rift when the guardian wearing The Stag perished, but now it grants damage resistance while standing inside it. Although it’s still not the best when compared to Verity’s Brow in PvE play, the Stag’s notable buff in PvP makes it a solid get for Warlocks in the crucible.
  • Hunter: Mask of Bakris Helmet. Although the shift changes the dodge completely, and the cooldown after shifting is increased by a ton, this helmet functions unlike most other exotics. Aggressive players can tool this in PvP by shifting away from serious damage, and in PvE players get a huge damage spike after shifting that can do some serious harm against overpowered mobs or finish a boss’ health gauge. Arc in PvE and Stasis in PvP are key to maximizing the efficiency of this beast.
  • Titan: Synthoceps Guantlets. As it seems the Dunemarchers will almost assuredly get hit with a sizable nerf, these are the best up and comer. With a perk that extends melee range, the Titan becomes even more fearsome in PvP play. In PvE, Sentinel’s Shield gets a boost as a super, allowing the Titan to literally juggernaut major enemies. The catch-22 is basically the Titan needs to be surrounded for it to work most effectively, but this is when you need it most. Fans of the melee-shotgun combo need to look no further.
Destiny 2 Exotics To Acquire Before 'The Witch Queen' Expansion

Notable Mentions:

  • Cuirass of the Falling Star, Titan.
  • Boots of the Assembler, Warlock.
  • Wormhusk Crown, Hunter

These three are also extremely solid options but don’t have an as effective neutral playstyle. Although The Stag can be easily swapped with the Boots of Assembler on most occasions especially in PvE. Wormhusk Crown is a beast with its self-heal ability and is good for most situations in Destiny 2. The Cuirass of the Falling Star is a sub-class reliant exotic that although is a great choice, guardians unfamiliar with Thundercrash will have a rough time with it.

These are the exotics to look out for to prep your guardians for the upcoming expansion in Destiny 2. Whether it be PvP or PvE content, everything on this list is a solid option in one way or another. Exotic weapons and armour all have different perks, and while new exotics get released every season, choosing one that matches the player’s style is always the most efficient way to Destiny 2.

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