Elden Ring Guide: Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations

| March 31, 2022

The Altus Plateau is filled with potential side quests and dungeons, some with some very exciting items to collect. While it is filled with potential, it is also hard to find what is worth your time. From optional bosses, to quests that can lead to some exciting treasures, it is a vast world to explore, one that can be daunting to dive into without a guide to help you lead your way. This is why CGMagazine collected the details on all the optional Altus Plateau Dungeons in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Guide: Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations

Old Altus Tunnel

Located on the west side of the Altus Plateau, the Old Altus Tunnel is where you can find the Stonedigger Troll boss. You can also find plenty of Smithing Stone and Sombre Smithing Stone, along with the Boltdrake Talisman, Troll’s Hammer, and Great Club. It will be a challenging dungeon though, with Gold Dragon Cult Knight, Miner, Noble, and Rotten Stray creatures waiting to kill.

Sainted Hero’s Grave

Elden Ring Guide: Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations 3
Ancient Hero of Zamor

Defended by the Ancient Hero of Zamor Boss, the Sainted Hero’s Grave is located in the centre of the Altus Plateau. While it is a challenging place, especially early game, it will give you the chance to pick up Leyndell Soldier Ashes, Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff, Black Knife, Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1, and Crimson Seed Talisman.

Perfumer’s Grotto

Located on the southern part of the Altus Plateau, The Perfumer’s Grotto is where you will come up against the Omenkiller and Miranda the Blighted Bloom bosses and can obtain the Great Omenkiller Cleaver as a boss drop. This is also where you will fight against the Perfumer enemy type, and have the chance to collect the Perfumer Hood, Perfumer Robe, Perfumer Gloves and Perfumer Sarong as chance drops. 

Sealed Tunnel

Located on the south-east side of the Plateau, the Sealed Tunnel is the place to go to get the Onyx Lord’s Greatsword, along with the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing, and Stonesword Key, and plenty of Smithing Stones. It is defended by the Onyx Lord so be prepared for a fight if you want to walk away with the sword. 

Altus Tunnel

Located just south of the tree in the Altus Plateau, the Altus Tunnel is a place for Smithing Stone, Sombre Smithing Stone, Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing, along with the Arsenal Charm +1. You will need to fight against the Crystalian Boss, along with some Sorcerer Miner, Scavenger, and Crystal Snail.

Auriza Hero’s Grave

Located on the far east side of the Plateau, the Auriza Hero’s Grave is defended by the Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis. This is the place to go if you want the Crucible Axe Armour Set, Ordovis’s Greatsword, Tree Sentinel Armour Set, the Crucible Feather Talisman, and the Golden Epitaph. You will also find the Ash of War: Holy Ground, Vulgar Militia Ashes, Stonesword Key, and a Golden Rune for good measure. 

Auriza Side Tomb

Elden Ring Guide: Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations 2
Grave Warden Duelist

A bit of a shorter dungeon, Auriza Side Tomb is where you will come up against the Grave Warden Duelist boss. There is not as much loot as some other places, but you can find the Soldjars of Fortune Ashes, Cracked Pot and Ritual Pot should you venture in. 

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