Fortnite Guide: Where & How to Hire Characters

| February 8, 2022

If you live Fortnite, but are frustrated that you don’t know how to hire the special characters, you have come to the right place.

In Fortnite you have the ability to hire characters, that will follow you around and fight by your side. You will, in fact, need to hire a character to complete the battle pass mission: “Hire a character and travel 1,000 meters with them”, so let’s get down how to do it, and where to find all the characters ready to fight beside you.

In this guide we will go over where to find The Visitor, Brainiac, Cuddlepool, Galactico, Jonesy The First, Lt. John Llama, Shanta, and Agent Jones, all eight of the characters available for hire in Fortnite.


  • Agent Jones – Spawns at a random Seven Outpost each match.
  • Brainiac – Located in the central building at The Joneses.
  • Galactico – Found on the football pitch at Tilted Towers.
  • Jonesy the First – Located at the northern side of The Joneses.
  • Lt. John Llama – Inside a cabin northeast of Covert Cavern.
  • The Visitor – Near the Launchpad east of Sanctuary.
Fortnite Guide: Where And How To Hire Characters

There are a total of eight NPC characters you can hire in Fortnite, including The Visitor, Brainiac, Cuddlepool, Galactico, Jonesy The First, Lt. John Llama, Shanta, and Agent Jones. While they all have specific locations, Agent Jones has the possibility to spawn in four different locations (shown on the map above).

Once you find one, you simply need to approach them and talk. One of the dialog options will feature a little person with a plus sign that you need to select. Once you select that, hand over 95 Gold Bars, they will be ready to go. They will automatically equip a gun, start following you and fighting by your side.

Please note, your companion does not need to be right by your side for 1,000 meters. You just need to move yourself that far while they’re hired and alive, and the quest will complete.

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