Why Fortnite is Curating a Real-Life London Art Show Replica

Why Fortnite is Curating a Real-Life London Art Show Replica 1

Fortnite players can now explore an art exhibit in-game as a collaboration to raise awareness of the real art exhibition happening in London, taking place for one week.

A London art exhibit is now available in Fortnite for players to explore the full virtual experience of the real-world show. This experience will be open for all players to check out from today until January 25 in Creative Mode. The art project comes from KAWS called “New Fiction”, which has their real works on display at Serpentine—a public art institution in London.

KAWS shared their thoughts on the partnered project, “For a lot of teenagers, it may be their first time at a museum art show, and I think there’s a great opportunity to provide that in an area—Fortnite—that they’re so familiar with. I remember being younger, I found galleries intimidating, but here this is in your territory. And it’s exciting that this has never been done.”

Of course, this is not the first time Fortnite has tried to build up the ‘metaverse’ based on real-life, yesterday the game just hosted their Black history exhibit, March Through Time, for Martin Luther King Jr Day. Epic Games also recently acquired Rock Band developer, Harmonix, to add more musical experiences in-game.

Why Fortnite Is Curating A Real-Life London Art Show Replica 2

The Epic Games VP of Global Partnerships, Nate Nanzer, said, “This is the second time we’ve partnered up with KAWS to bring his unique artistic vision to Fortnite – and the first time Fortnite has made a real-world art exhibit accessible virtually to our millions of players around the world.”

Nanzer continued to talk about how they plan to use the game’s space to bring even more collaborations and projects similar to this one to further tap into a more “diverse global audience.” Gamers are no stranger to Fortnite’s efforts to collaborate with so many creators and brand giants like Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert (brought in more than 27.7 million players to the event), the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC, and even adding fashion brands like Balenciaga as part of the game.

Players may remember the last Fall promotion, Fortnitemares, which was a collection of skins Halloween related. This was actually the first time KAWS collaborated with Epic Games to showcase their artwork and style. KAWS shared their hopes that this platform will help more people experience art shows or something like the real thing. KAWS said, “I think the capabilities available now really makes the experience true… I always tend to approach things with skepticism, but seeing how true it can be I think it’s just an additional way to experience art.”

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