Fortnite is Throwing Biggest Halloween Party with New Update

| Oct 5, 2021
Fortnite Returns for Biggest October Halloween Costume Party of 2021

Epic Games’ Fortnite is bringing back its Halloween 2021 update with lots of content and events.

Fortnite’s “Fortnitemares” is dropping into Spooky Skyscrapers (not a real place on the Island) this Halloween.

Chapter 2 Season 8 welcomes players back to celebrate Halloween in a big way. Each day is supposed to offer players new items and experiences with this October update. There will be Halloween-themed maps, game types, outfits and events all-month long.  The highlight for this year is the revamp of the Item Shop, which will involve players flipping cards to find out which well-known Halloween monsters will be available in their Item Shop.

Fortnite Is Throwing Biggest Halloween  Party With New Update

Two of the creatures featured in the card flips were revealed as Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy from the Universal Pictures movies. Apparently, these two characters are just two monsters of a whole “Universal Monsters Set.” There will most likely be more reveals as the month progresses.

Players can always count on Fortnite to bring the best costumes and what better time than now. Today, the Item Shop will be featuring a new alternative style for fan favourites, Boxy and Boxer. Players can take advantage of their costumes and cosplay on the Battle Bus at Universal CityWalk, which will be located next to Universal Studios Hollywood. Keep your eyes peeled for surprise new Fortnitemares characters appearing at Universal CityWalk and the Item Shop.

Fortnite Is Throwing Biggest Halloween  Party With New Update

Another feature coming to the Island is the new Sideways weapon you can take into The Sideways to kill some Cube Monsters. It’s called the “Dual Fiend Hunters”, which is essentially the Fiend Hunter Crossbow 2.0. Players dual-wield these weapons and dish out extra damage to Cube Monsters and they have a faster fire rate compared to the Crossbow. These can be found in chests or on the ground around the island.

Speaking about Cubes, they are evolving on the Island and are teased to be “mobilizing for the next step of their plan.” Who knew those Cubes had so much sentient power! Thankfully, you’ll be able to take ’em down faster with the Dual Fiend Hunters as players will be tasked with new quests.

Fortnite Is Throwing Biggest Halloween  Party With New Update

Fortnitemares invites players to bring some popcorn and attend the popular Short Nite film festival. The festival will play Halloween-inspired animated shorts called “Shortnitemares” at the movie theatre created by Quantum Builds. Each theatre room will showcase one short per room as per usual. It’s a perfect place to hang out with all your friends and see who gets spooked the most, or you can laugh at all the silliness on-screen.

Epic Games said this is only a taste of what’s to come for the October Halloween update, so players are encouraged to check in daily. I’ll be sure to take a stroll into The Sideways to fight some slimes. See ya there!

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